Turn Bet Win for John Cynn

Action folded to John Cynn in the cutoff, and he raised to 15,000. Joshua James called in the big blind, and the flop landed [Th6d4h]. Both players checked, and the turn landed the [Tc]. James checked, Cynn bet 13,000, and James folded.

John Cynn Eliminated in 10th Place

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Catching the action with John Cynn all in for roughly 180,000 from the big blind against Stephen Chidwick in the small blind, both players drew one card. Chidwick: [6x5x4x3x] Cynn: [Tx8x6x4x] Chidwick revealed his [9x] first, and when Cynn flipped over his [Jx], he was eliminated in 10th place.

John Cynn vs. Julien Martini

No-Limit Hold'em Julien Martini raised to 25,000 on the button and John Cynn defended his big blind. Both players checked the [4dJc9s] flop to reveal the [Js] on the turn. Cynn bet out 28,000 and Martini called as the river landed the [6d]. Cynn bet 63,000 and Martini folded.

Julien Martini Over 1.5 Million

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Julien Martini raised to 24,000 from the button and John Cynn three-bet to 88,000 from the big blind. Martini called, and both he and Cynn drew one. Cynn led out for 45,000 and Martini called. Cynn showed his [5x5x] for a pair, and Martini quickly revealed his [Tx9x8x6x4x] to

Number 3 for John Cynn

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Julien Martini raised to 18,000 from the hijack and both John Cynn and Cary Katz called from the cutoff and big blind respectively. Each player drew one, and action checked to Cynn who bet 20,000. Katz and Martini both called. Cynn fanned his [7x6x5x3x2x] for a number three, and

Sean Perry vs. John Cynn

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Sean Perry raised the button to 6,000 and John Cynn called in the big blind and drew two as Perry drew one. Cynn checked and Perry bet 11,000. Cynn deliberated for about a minute before folding.

John Cynn Triples, Brandon Adams Wins Big Side Pot

In first position, Brandon Adams shoved all in for 429,000 before Dan Shak shoved over the top for 508,000. From the button, John Cynn called all in for 100,000. Cynn: [JhJs] Adams: [Qc8c] Shak: [AdQs] The board ran out [JcTcTd7h9s] and Cynn scooped the main pot to triple up, while Adams won the side

John Cynn Forced to Add-On by Jonathan Depa

On a board reading [As9dKsKcTh], John Cynn checked from early position to Jonathan Depa who announced he was all in. Cynn used two time extensions before calling all in for 114,000. Depa tabled his [AhKh] for a full house, and Cynn mucked and used one of his add-on chips.

Two for John Cynn

Manig Loeser called from first position before Ben Yu raised to 12,000. From the button, John Cynn made it 82,000, and both Loeser and Yu folded. The next hand saw Erik Seidel call in middle position before Cynn made it 18,000 in the cutoff. Seidel folded, and Cynn collected another pot.