Jerry Robinson Eliminated on Event #4 Bubble by David Peters

The money bubble has officially burst in US Poker Open Event #4, and the unlucky individual going home tonight with nothing is Jerry Robinson. Robinson put his final 175,000 chips in the pot and then David Peters came over the top for 330,000. Everyone folded and off to the races they

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised to 815,000 and Jerry Robinson called all in from the cutoff for 110,000. Yu: [Ts7s] Robinson: [Ah6h] The board ran out [AcJc7cAs6s] and Robinson doubled through.

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Ben Lamb

Jerry Robinson limped in for 20,000 and Ben Lamb shoved the button. Robinson used one of his time extension banks, and then called all in for 288,000. Robinson: [KsJc] Lamb: [KcQc] The dealer spread the [AhTd7sQdTc] board and Robinson doubled through.

Updated Chip Counts

Before the stream started, Sean Winter took the chip lead and Jerry Robinson was eliminated in eighth place. He took home $36,400. Here are the updated chip counts with six remaining.

Stephen Chidwick and Sean Winter Lead, Third Final Table for Winter

Eight players will return to play for the Event #3 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em title at 5 p.m. EST. Stephen Chidwick leads the way, with Sean Winter close behind. Chidwick is the defending U.S. Poker Open champion and is currently second in the overall standings to defend his title. Winter has

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Brandon Adams

Action folded to Jerry Robinson on the button who open shoved for his last 300,000. Brandon Adams made the call from the small blind and Sean Perry open folded [QcJs] from the big blind. Robinson: [QsQd] Adams: [AsTh] The board ran out [7h9h7s6sTd] as Adams improved to top-top but it was not enough

Jerry Robinson Doubles Through Seth Davies

Jerry Robinson shoved all in for his last 155,000 from the cutoff. Action folded to Seth Davies in the small blind who made the call. Robinson: [QsQd] Davies: [4d4c] The board ran out [9c2s9h2hKs] and Robinson's queens held up for the double.