Ioannis Angelou-Konstas Over 3 Million

Jeremy Ausmus raised to 22,000 in late position and Ioannis Angelou-Konstas three-bet to 72,000 from the hijack. Action folded back to Ausmus, and he called as the flop landed [Td6cTs]. Ausmus checked and Angelou-Konstas bet 41,000. Ausmus called, and checked the [8h] on the turn. Angelou-Konstas bet 135,000 and Ausmus called. The

Jeremy Ausmus vs. David Prociak

Jeremy Ausmus raised to 17,000 from the hijack, Christopher Fraser called from button and David Prociak three-bet to 76,000 from the small blind. Only Ausmus called. The flop was [QsQcAc], Prociak bet 60,000 and Ausmus called. The turn was the [7h], Prociak bet 130,000 and Ausmus called. The river was the [9s] and

Jeremy Ausmus Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Julien Martini raised to 6,000 from under the gun and Stephen Chidwick three-bet the cutoff to 21,000. From the big blind, Jeremy Ausmus announced he was all in for 93,500. Martini folded, and Chidwick called. Both players drew one. Chidwick: [9x6x4x2x] Ausmus: [8x4x3x2x] Chidwick revealed his [Qx] first to make a

Broadway for Jeremy Ausmus

Pot-Limit Omaha Mike Gorodinsky raised to 5,000 in the cutoff before Jeremy Ausmus made it 17,000 from the small blind. Julien Martini called in the big blind, and after using a time extension, Gorodinsky folded. The [7h5dKcJdTh] board checked through to the river where Ausmus bet 25,000 and Martini called. Ausmus tabled his

Jeremy Ausmus Eliminated in 12th Place

Hold'em Jeremy Ausmus raised to 50,000 from under the gun and George Wolff three-bet the cutoff. Action folded back to Ausmus, and he called all in for 73,000. Ausmus: [9d7d] Wolff: [KcQs] The board ran out [Ac4cKhQdKd] and Ausmus was eliminated in 12th place.

Matthew Ashton vs. Jeremy Ausmus

Stud Hi-Lo Jeremy Ausmus had the bring-in and Matthew Ashton completed. Ausmus called, and then called a bet on fourth street. On fifth, Ausmus led out with his open pair and Ashton called. On sixth, Ashton took the lead with open kings and bet. Ausmus called. Ausmus: [XxXx] / [8d9c8c5s] / [Xx] Ashton: [XxXx]

Jeremy Ausmus Wins on Fifth Street

Razz Damjan Radanov had the bring-in and David Brookshire completed. Nicholas Seiken and Jeremy Ausmus called, as Radanov came along too. Fourth street checked through, and on fifth, Ausmus bet out and his three opponents each folded. Radanov: [XxXx] / [6xKx8x] Brookshire: [XxXx] / [AxTx2x] Seiken: [XxXx] / [5x6xKx] Ausmus: [XxXx] / [5x3x8x]

Jeremy Ausmus Eliminated by Jordan Cristos

Jordan Cristos raised pot under the gun to 28,000 and Jeremy Ausmus committed his final 32,000 from the big blind. Cristos called. Cristos: [KcKh5d3d] Ausmus: [Jh7s4s3h] The [7c6d8h] flop gave Ausmus some life, and when the [Js] fell on the turn, he took the lead. The [6c] on the river however counterfeited Ausmus, and

Jordan Cristos Doubles Through Jeremy Ausmus

Jeremy Ausmus raised to 20,000 from middle position, and Jordan Cristos announced a reraise of pot totaling 69,000. Action folded back to Ausmus, and he called. The flop landed [5c7h6s] and Ausmus checked. Cristos bet his remaining 87,000, and Ausmus called. Ausmus: [JdJcTs9c] Cristos: [KcKh9s3d] The turn and river landed the [4s] and [5d],

Isaac Baron Wins 2019 Poker Masters Event #1

Isaac Baron Poker Masters

Isaac Baron is the winner of Event #1 of the 2019 Poker Masters after defeating a field of 97 entries in the $10,000 No Limit Hold'em series opener! Baron collected $223,100 for his win just a few months after winning his first career WSOP gold bracelets this summer. The long-time