“Team Poker Central” Loves Pot Limit Omaha

Keep pace with the non-stop action with Poker Central’s “WSOP Daily Brief.” Each day, we’ll highlight World Series news, poker’s biggest names, upcoming live streams, and more. Follow along and watch the 2019 World Series of Poker on PokerGOand CBS All Access all summer long. Ausmus Goes For Another In 2012, Jeremy Ausmus finished

Bryn Kenney vs. Jeremy Ausmus

On the flop of [7s6c6d] with 24,000 in the middle, Jeremy Ausmus checked from the small blind to Bryn Kenney on the button who bet 7,000. Ausmus check-raised to 19,000, and Kenney called as the turn landed the [Qd]. Ausmus checked, Kenney bet 16,000, and Ausmus called as the river landed the

Kristen Bicknell Eliminated by Jeremy Ausmus

Kristen Bicknell was all in holding ace-king against Jeremy Ausmus and his ace-queen. The flop brought both a king and a queen, and when the river landed another queen, Bicknell was eliminated.

Jeremy Ausmus Bets Out Brandon Adams

Christian Soto raised to 5,000 in the cutoff and Brandon Adams called on the button. Jeremy Ausmus defended his big blind, and the flop landed [6d6c5s]. Action checked to Adams who bet 9,000, and after Ausmus called, Soto folded. The turn of the [Td] checked through, and the river landed the [4s]. Ausmus