Ep. 173 Quiz Master Platt & Dvoress’ Bowl Win

Your hosts Brent Hanks & Remko Rinkema are joined by Jeff Platt on the Poker Central Podcast!

Jeff Platt joins Brent & Remko to talk quiz cheaters and drama on PokerGO's new show "The Big Blind" while the guys also break down Daniel Dvoress' Super High Roller Bowl Bahamas win and Daniel Negreanu signing with GGPoker.  1:50 – The Big Blind debuts on PokerGO hosted by Jeff

Jason Koon: ‘I Need Coffee’

With 185,000 in the middle and the board reading [8sQs9c7d], partypoker pro Jason Koon bet out 185,000 from the big blind. His opponent in middle position called, and the river landed the [Qd]. Koon checked, and his opponent bet 150,000. "I need coffee," Koon said. "I thought I had this hand but the

Jason Koon Eliminated in 7th Place ($637,500)

Jason Koon raised all in for 540,000 from under the gun and Kathy Lehne called from the cutoff. Koon: [3s3d] Lehne: [AdKs] The board ran out [6sTsJs5sJd], giving Lehne a king-high flush to eliminate Koon in seventh place for $637,500.

One for Jason Koon

From under the gun, partypoker pro Jason Koon raised to 80,000 and Daniel Dvoress defended his big blind to reveal the [Jh7hTs] flop. Dvoress checked, and Koon bet 55,000. Dvoress quickly folded.

Jason Koon Getting Shorter

Seth Davies raised to 80,000 from under the gun and Jason Koon called from the big blind. The flop came down [Kc5hQh], Koon checked, Davies continued for 45,000 and Koon folded.