Heroes in Poker and Sports, Should We Ever Meet Them?

Watching the new breed of poker talent is exciting. We’ve all enjoyed the rise of modern-day superstars such as Justin Bonomo, Jason Koon, and Fedor Holz. But looking back on these classic episodes of Poker After Dark with the on-demand service available to any PokerGO subscriber has been a joy,

Jason Koon Eliminated by Talal Shakerchi

On the turn, with the board reading [jd][6d][3d][8s], Jason Koon checked from the big blind and Talal Shakerchi bet 31,000 from middle position. Koon moved all in for about 110,000 and Shakerchi snap-called. Koon showed [jc][8c], giving him top two pair, but needed to fill up against Shakerchi's [ad][9d]. "It doesn't feel

Jason Koon Wins Race to Double

(from the PokerGO Live Stream) Jason Koon is all in holding [3c][3s] against Nick Petrangelo and his [ad][th]. The dealer spreads a [9s][7c][qc][5c][5d] board and Koon doubles through.

Koray Aldemir Falls to Brian Rast’s Kings

Jason Koon limped for 4,000 before Koray Aldemir made it 15,000 from the button before Brian Rast woke up with pocket kings in the small blind. Rast moved all in for 101,000, Nick Petrangelo folded his big blind, Koon folded and Aldemir called to risk his tournament life for 75,000

Jason Koon Hero-Calls for it All

There was about 60,000 in the pot on the river with a completed board of [qd][th][3h][2s][9h]. Jason Koon checked from the big blind and Bryn Kenney bet 115,000 from the cutoff, which was enough to put Koon all in for his last 57,500. Koon used a time extension before calling. Kenney

Isaac Haxton Doubles Through Jason Koon

Jason Koon was on the button and got into a pot with Isaac Haxton in the cutoff. On the turn with the board reading [ks][9c][8d][jc], Haxton found himself all in for his last 46,000 against Koon. Haxton showed [as][ah] and was in the lead against Koon's [qh][js]. Koon needed a queen,

Nick Petrangelo Finds a Double

Nick Petrangelo was all in from under the gun for 130,000 against Jason Koon in the small blind. Petrangelo: [ts][th] Koon: [8d][8h] The board ran out [7d][7s][7c][4h][4c] and Petrangelo doubled.

Jason Koon Strikes a Double Against Nick Petrangelo

Phil Hellmuth raised in the cutoff to 7,000 before Jason Koon moved all in for 60,000 from the button. Nick Petrangelo called in the big blind, and Hellmuth open-mucked [7x][7x]. Koon: [ad][jh] Petrangelo: [qc][qs] The board ran out [as][3c][kc][9s][7h] and Koon doubled through.

Cary Katz Strikes Two Pair on the River

From the cutoff, Jason Koon raised to 2,500 and both Cary Katz and Fedor Holz called in the blinds. The flop landed [6d][7s][jc] and action checked to Koon who continued for 3,500. Both Katz and Holz called as the [4c] fell on the turn. Katz checked, Holz bet out 7,500, and Koon