Monsters in the Blinds Swing Second-in-Chips Spot to Ivan Leow

It folded to Jason Koon in the small blind who limped with [QhQc].  Big blind (and very recent addition to the livestreamed table) Ivan Leow found [KsKh] and raised to 22,000.  Back to Koon who repopped it to 85,000 and before you could say "massive cooler" Leow had jammed for

Back to Back Queens for Koon; Second Lot Bust Soyza

Jason Koon opened to 12,000 with [QsQh], called by button Timothy Adams alone with [AdJs].  A flop of [Ah9c7s] saw Koon check-fold to a bet from Adams of 30,000. Next hand, Koon picked up [QsQc], raised to 12,000 again, and found Michael Soyza jamming for 81,000 behind him with [AcTc].  Koon

Reixach On “Not How You Win Chips”

Sergi Reixach called a min-raise from Vicent Bosca Ramon on the button with [QsJs] after a call from Jason Koon (holding [KhQd] in the cutoff.  All three players checked the [4hAc6s] flop, which Bosca alone had hit with his [AdQh]. The [Ks] turn brought something for both of Bosca's opponents; this

Timothy Adams Triple Barrel Bluffs His Way to a 600k Stack

No more than a couple of big blinds changed hands in any one of the first four hands on the televised table of Day 2 of the Main Event (Vicente Bosca Ramon involved in some way in three of them), before a hugely tense pot played out between start of

Ep. 173 Quiz Master Platt & Dvoress’ Bowl Win

Your hosts Brent Hanks & Remko Rinkema are joined by Jeff Platt on the Poker Central Podcast!

Jeff Platt joins Brent & Remko to talk quiz cheaters and drama on PokerGO's new show "The Big Blind" while the guys also break down Daniel Dvoress' Super High Roller Bowl Bahamas win and Daniel Negreanu signing with GGPoker.  1:50 – The Big Blind debuts on PokerGO hosted by Jeff