The Return of High Stakes Poker with Jason Koon

The new season of High Stakes Poker continues tonight with Episode 6 on PokerGO featuring a new line-up of players that include the returning Tom Dwan, Michael Schwimer, Rick Salomon, and Jean-Robert Bellande, along with new players Sean Perry, Damien LeForbes, and John Andress. In last week's Episode 5, the season's

Monsters in the Blinds Swing Second-in-Chips Spot to Ivan Leow

It folded to Jason Koon in the small blind who limped with [QhQc].  Big blind (and very recent addition to the livestreamed table) Ivan Leow found [KsKh] and raised to 22,000.  Back to Koon who repopped it to 85,000 and before you could say "massive cooler" Leow had jammed for

Back to Back Queens for Koon; Second Lot Bust Soyza

Jason Koon opened to 12,000 with [QsQh], called by button Timothy Adams alone with [AdJs].  A flop of [Ah9c7s] saw Koon check-fold to a bet from Adams of 30,000. Next hand, Koon picked up [QsQc], raised to 12,000 again, and found Michael Soyza jamming for 81,000 behind him with [AcTc].  Koon

Reixach On “Not How You Win Chips”

Sergi Reixach called a min-raise from Vicent Bosca Ramon on the button with [QsJs] after a call from Jason Koon (holding [KhQd] in the cutoff.  All three players checked the [4hAc6s] flop, which Bosca alone had hit with his [AdQh]. The [Ks] turn brought something for both of Bosca's opponents; this

Timothy Adams Triple Barrel Bluffs His Way to a 600k Stack

No more than a couple of big blinds changed hands in any one of the first four hands on the televised table of Day 2 of the Main Event (Vicente Bosca Ramon involved in some way in three of them), before a hugely tense pot played out between start of