Elio Fox Bets Out Jake Schindler on the River

Jake Schindler raised to 4,500 from under the gun and was called by Daniel Weinand and Elio Fox both next to act, along with Manig Loeser and Jared Jaffee from the blinds. The flop landed [3dTc9c] and Loeser and Jaffee checked to Schindler who continued for 8,000. Weinand folded, Fox called, and

Justin Bonomo Takes from Jake Schindler and Jared Jaffee

Action folded to Jared Jaffee on the button who opened to 5,000. Jake Schindler and Justin Bonomo made the call from the blinds. The flop came [5h8c4h] and the action checked through. The turn brought the [4c] and Schindler checked, Bonomo bet 12,000 and Jaffee folded. Schindler made the call. With the [6d]

Jared Jaffee Gets Max Value on the River

Four players went to a flop with 14,000 in the pot. The first three cards were [Kd6h2c]. Justin Bonomo and Erik Seidel both checked and Manig Loeser bet 3,500. Jared Jaffee called and Bonomo and Seidel got out. The turn was [Qd] and both remaining players checked to the [2h] on the

Justin Bonomo Raises Manig Loeser on the River

Justin Bonomo raised to 2,500 from middle position and Manig Loeser called in the small blind, as did Jared Jaffee in the big blind. The flop landed [QdKdKs] and action checked to Bonomo who bet 2,500. Loeser called, and Jaffee folded as the [6d] checked through on the turn. The river landed

Nick Petrangelo vs. Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo opened to 2,500 and both Nick Petrangelo and Jared Jaffee called from the cutoff and big blind. The flop landed [4cAc8c] and action checked to Petrangelo who bet 2,500. Jaffee folded but Bonomo called before both players checked the [4h] on the turn. The river landed the [8d] and Bonomo

Kristina Holst and Jared Jaffee Eliminated by Sean Winter

Sean Winter is now three for three at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open.

Catching the action on the flop of [2sJdKh], Jared Jaffee checked from the big blind to Kristina Holst in the cutoff who bet 20,000. Sean Winter called on the button, and Jaffee moved all in for 137,000. Holst shoved also for roughly 200,000, and Winter called. Jaffee: [Kc9h] Holst: [AsKs] Winter: [KdJh] The turn and

Brandon Adams Shoves from the Big Blind

Sean Winter opened to 6,500 in middle position and Rainer Kempe called next to speak in the hijack. From the cutoff, Jared Jaffee three-bet to 22,500 before Brandon Adams moved all in from the big blind for 78,000. Winter, Kempe, and Jaffee all folded, and Adams collected the pot.

Kristen Bicknell Eliminated by Jared Jaffee

After doubling Sean Winter a few hands earlier, Kristen Bicknell was left short but managed to find a double. A few hands after that, Bicknell shoved the button for 18,000 and Jared Jaffee called in the big blind. Jaffee: [QcJc] Bicknell: [Jd9d] The board ran out [ThJs6s2s2d] and Bicknell was eliminated.

Queens for Ben Yu

Ben Yu raised to 3,500 under the gun and both Jared Jaffee and Sean Winter called from next to act and the big blind respectively. The flop landed [Ks2sKh] and after Winter checked, Yu continued for 4,000. Jaffee called, but Winter folded as the turn landed the [6h]. Yu checked, Jaffee bet

Dan Shak Strikes a River Double to Crack Aces

Jared Jaffee raised to 7,000 from under the gun and Kristina Holst called on the button. Both Dan Shak and Alex Foxen called from the blinds, and the dealer spread a [Jc9d3s] flop. Shak and Foxen both checked to Jaffee who continued for 14,000. Holst called, and Shak responded with a