Ep. 141 Allegedly ft. Jared Jaffee and Ben Palmer

Jared Jaffee and Ben Palmer join the Poker Central Podcast.

The Poker Central Podcast this week spent the majority of the time off the rails! Recent WPT Venetian winner Ben Palmer and WSOP bracelet winner Jared Jaffee join the show for more than an hour of banter and shenanigans that brings a lot of untold stories to the surface. On top

David Peters Bets Jared Jaffee off the Hand

Jared Jaffee raised to 13,000 pre-flop and then David Peters three-bet to 32,000. Jaffee made the call and the players saw a flop of [6sAc8s]. Peters bet 15,000 and Jaffee laid it down.

Straight for Rodger Johnson

Martin Zamani raised to 8,000 from under the gun and Dan Shak called from two seats over. Rodger Johnson called on the button, as did Jared Jaffee from the big blind. The [KhTcQs] flop checked round to reveal the [5h] on the turn. Action checked to Johnson, and he bet 10,000.

Evan Mathis Eliminated by Jared Jaffee

Evan Mathis shoved all in for 48,000 and Jared Jaffee called on the button. Mathis: [Ac7h] Jaffee: [Ah8s] The board ran out [Jh9s8d3s4s] and Mathis was eliminated.

Jared Jaffee Bets Out Rodger Johnson

Rodger Johnson raised to 4,500 in the hijack and Jared Jaffee three-bet to 14,000 on the button. The blinds folded, and Johnson called as the flop landed [3s2h6h]. Johnson checked, Jaffee bet 15,000, and Johnson folded.

Jared Jaffee’s Third Bullet Gets Soverel to Surrender

Jared Jaffee raised to 12,000 under the gun and Sam Soverel called from the button. After a flop of [TdKcJd] Jaffee placed a continuation bet of 15,000 into the pot, which Soverel matched to the turn. Jaffee fired again on the [4d] turn, this time for 30,000. That was enough for

Phil Hellmuth Doubles Through Jared Jaffee

Phil Hellmuth was all in for his last 19,000 from the big blind against Jared Jaffee on the button. Hellmuth: [Ad9d] Jaffee: [Ac7h] The board ran out [9c6h2d6c9s] and Hellmuth doubled through.

Elio Fox Bets Out Jake Schindler on the River

Jake Schindler raised to 4,500 from under the gun and was called by Daniel Weinand and Elio Fox both next to act, along with Manig Loeser and Jared Jaffee from the blinds. The flop landed [3dTc9c] and Loeser and Jaffee checked to Schindler who continued for 8,000. Weinand folded, Fox called, and