James Romero Busts in 3rd Place ($420,000)

Another heads up small blind vs. big blind limp-check started what was to be James Romero's final hand.  Anton Suarez completed with [2c2s] and Romero checked his [kdjd].  The flop came down [qd2hkc] and Suarez led his set for 3,000,000, flat calling when Romero raised to 10,000,000.  Suarez went into

Romero Drops To Third in Chips

Another limp-check small to big blind started this hand, James Romero calling with [9h7c], Christian Rudolph opting to see the flop with [Qhts].  Romero check-called Rudolph's 5,500,000 bet on the [4hth8c] flop, then led out big for 28,000,000 on the [8s] turn.  After a pause, Rudolph made the call.  The

Suarez Fights Back

A limp-checked pot between small blind Anton Suarez and big blind James Romero has re-plumped the former's stack.  Both players checked a [kh4c3h] flop, Suarez with [7h3d], Romero with [qh7c].  The turn paired Suarez's other hole card: [7s].  He bet out 7,500,000, called by Romero.  On the [2h] river, Suarez

Romero Airballs Suarez Off Top Pair

Another blind vs. blind confrontation between Anton Suarez and James Romero - a dramatic one.  Heads up to a [Jc9c7c] flop, Romero, with [Th5h], check-raised Romero's bet of 2,500,000 to 11,500,000.  Suarez, who'd flopped top pair with [jd8d], made the call. The turn: [3s].  Now Romero led out for 24,000,000 into

Romero Gets Paid on the River by Suarez

Back to Anton Suarez's button, which he raised to 5,500,000 with [7d5d]. This time big blind James Romero held [ad9d] and elected to call.  He flopped two pair with an [ahjc9c] flop, and checked it.  Suarez checked behind.  Romero checked again on the [js] turn, again without a bet from

Romero Aware of What Suarez Is Up To

With such a huge stack, Anton Suarez looked to ramp up his preflop aggression, to the point where any two would do on the button.  He raised [tc2d] (to 5,500,000) just now, as a case in point.  Big blind James Romero was clearly aware of this, as after a short