Another Push for James

Jack Hardcastle opened the button for 2.7 million and small blind James Clarke pushed once more, this time for 17.2 million. James Romero folded his big blind and Hardcastle asked for a count. Once he knew how much it was, he folded. Clarke showed the [As]. "Yeah, I had one of

Push on the First Hand

On the first hand when play resumed, James Clarke shoved. Everyone quickly folded and Clarke showed  the [Ac] while raking in the chips.

Final Day Players: Seating and Chips

Day 3 is a wrap! Tomorrow's final day will see these dozen players, led (just) by James Romero, return to play to the final table and beyond from noon (live stream and updates commencing at 1pm). One of them will become the 2020 MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event champion, winning $1,000,000

Huge Pot Nearly Felts Final Romanello

Nicholas Romanello dropped to just one big blind after a pot (involving a big river call) vs. James Clarke.  Clarke had opened on the button with [asqs] and picked up big blind Romanello, who held [Ks9c]. Romanello flopped top pair on a rainbow board; both players checked.  With the turn, the

Heidorn vs. Clarke in Early Feature Table Pots Post Dinner

First hand back after the break, Alex Lindop found kings, raised to 1,100,000 and picked up some now very hefty blinds plus the ante (worth 1.25 million every time).  A button raise for Robert Heidorn with [8h9h] took the second but when he opened the [Tc6c] in the cutoff next

Clarke Busts Wiborg, Thanks Geilich

It folded round to Andreas Wiborg on the button, who moved all in for 6,700,000.  Small blind James Clarke gave it a ponder, then made the call.  He showed down [asjd], dominating the [ac7s] of Wiborg.  No help from the deck on the [2h4h4ckhtd] board and Wiborg busted in 34th,


As the tables break and redistribute their players, start-of-day chip leader Weijie Zheng has landed on Table 34 with a stack of 30 million - neck and neck now with Anton Suarez. His new line-up, and their updated stacks: Table  Seat Player Chips 34 1 Per Siden 3,650,000 34 2 Alex Keating 3,700,000 34 3 James Clarke 7,600,000 34 4 Usman Ulhaq 6,200,000 34 5 Fabrizio Gonzalez 7,600,000 34 6 Weijie Zheng 30,000,000 34 7 Mikolaj Zawadzki 10,450,000 34 8 Jiayu Ruan 9,600,000