Schindler Doubles, Joao Vieira Stays Alive

Back-to-back hands swung Joao Vieira's stack and both involved Jake Schindler. In the first, Schindler opened the button and Vieira, who was in the big blind, shoved for just under a starting stack. Schindler called, putting his tournament life and final 67,000 on the line. Schindler was flipping for that tournament life,

Ali Imsirovic Goes Back-to-Back to Win $50,000 Title on PokerGO

Ali Imsirovic stands alone at the top of the Poker Masters leaderboard following his second win in as many days. The young star surpassed his win in the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em event by taking down the $50,000 tournament today on PokerGO. Imsirovic earned $799,000 and jumped past Brandon Adams

Ali Imsirovic Adds USPO Event #5 To His Resume ($442,500)

Ali Imsirovic is third in Poker Masters following his $25,000 No Limit win. (Photo: Poker Central)

Ali Imsirovic is the fifth winner of the Poker Masters. Imsirovic topped 66 entrants to win the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em title to win $462,000 and 300 points toward the Poker Masters leaderboard. The final table aired on PokerGO with heavy hitters Brian Rast, Jason Koon, Ben Yu, Jake Schindler,

Jake Schindler Eliminated in 13th Place

Sean Winter raised to 20,000 in the hijack and Martin Zamani called in the cutoff. From the button, Jason Koon three-bet to 70,000 and Jake Schindler called all in from the small blind for 22,000. Winter and Zamani folded, and the cards were revealed. Koon: [8h8d] Schindler: [9h3h] The board ran out [Ks4c8s3cAd] and