Sinclair Back at Starting Stack

Antonio Martinac limped in for 25,000 from the hijack and Jack Sinclair raised to 75,000 from the button. Big blind Ivan Luca called from the big blind with 555,000 behind, Martinac folded. Luca checked on [2d2hJc] and called Sinclair's bet of 55,000. Luca checked once more on the [Kd] turn but

Sinclair Loses Some to Gonzalez

As we go to the table, the board was already out in a hand between Jack Sinclair (cutoff) and Fabrizio Gonzalez (button.) With [Th2hTd] [4h] [9h] on the table, Sinclair checked. Gonzalez bet 127,000 and Sinclair, after having used a time bank card, called. Gonzalez showed [AcJh] for a flush and

Jack Sinclair Busts

We only got there for the showdown, but Georgy Philippovich was kind enough to share the details of the hand with us. After a raise to 550,000 and a call from Philippovich, Jack Sinclair squeezed to 2.6 million. The initial raiser gave up but Philippovich called in position. Sinclair would bet 1.8

Sinclair Cripples Pahuja

We arrived with [6c2d9h] [Js] [Ac] showing and Mukul Pahuja (small blind) with 3.2 million in front of him with 600,000 back. Jack Sinclair (under the gun) already had 1.4 million committed and was seemingly check-raised by his American foe. He was now contemplating calling 1.8 million more. After using two

Ben Cherif Busts on Hand #2

Rachid Ben Cherif started the day with under half a million chips, and they gathered no dust.  He obtained that first hand double through, then moved all in from the cutoff on the second over a mid-position open from Jack Sinclair (350,000 to 1,200,000).  Sinclair called with [ad6d], up against

Lehr Shown a Bluff

Legendary poker player Keith Lehr opened the action with a raise to 100,000 under the gun. Jack Sinclair, chipleader at least at the start of the day, called from the small blind. Waheed Ashraf over called from the big blind. The flop of [JsTdAs] was checked through so the trio saw