Final Day Players: Seating and Chips

Day 3 is a wrap! Tomorrow's final day will see these dozen players, led (just) by James Romero, return to play to the final table and beyond from noon (live stream and updates commencing at 1pm). One of them will become the 2020 MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event champion, winning $1,000,000

Heidorn Immediately Follows Chien to Rail in 13th ($50,000)

Robert Heidorn, nursing an extremely short stack for over an orbit, went all in right after seeing the back of Peter Chien - for just 2,300,000 - after Jack Hardcastle's preflop open to 2,200,000 with [qx9s].  Big blind Weijie Zheng came along for the ride with [jd7h] as far as

Hardcastle Wins a Chunky Pot from Lampropoulos

Chip leader Maria Lampropoulos raised preflop with [tstc] to 1,800,000, called by big blind Jack Hardcastle with [ah5d].  He proceeded to check-call her 1,600,000 bet on the [kd4h6h] flop.  The turn was the [9h] and Hardcastle changed tack, leading out for 4,500,000.  Lampropoulos made the call.  Hardcastle made his ace-high

Zheng and Hardcastle in the Ring

Weijie Zheng and Jack Hardcastle make for aggressive and tricksy neighbours on the feature table.  Both equipped with towering stacks and the willingness to put them to use, an illustrative example happened when it folded round to them on the blinds. Small blind Zheng raised to 1,600,000, big blind Hardcastle called. 

Michael Allmrodt Busts in 20th ($40,000)

A fold round to the small blind. An ace in said small blind for short stack Michael Allmrodt. This is the recipe for a shove for 5,650,000 (just under ten big blinds); he was given a spin by very healthily stacked Jack Hardcastle in the big blind. Hardcastle: [kh4s] Allmrodt: [As3c] The flop