Jack Hardcastle Eliminated in 7th Place ($130,000)

An explosive flop was seen between under the gun opener Jack Hardcastle with [kdtd] and cutoff three-bettor Christian Rudolph with [qcqh]. That flop: [9h3djd]. With 27 million already in the pot, Hardcastle check-raised Rudolph's 9,000,000 bet all in for 43,000,000 total.  Rudolph called swiftly and Hardcastle's tournament life rested on

Maria Lampropoulos Eliminated in 8th Place ($100,000)

Jack Hardcastle opened in the cutoff to 3,500,000 with [9s9d].  Weijie Zheng passed his button, but Maria Lampropoulos looked down at [acq]; moments later her 19,100,000 stack was across the line in its entirety.  Hardcastle made the call. The [jhtd3d] flop gave Lampropoulos extra outs for the straight, but the [2h6d]

Everything Gets There vs. Hardcastle

Anton Suarez, now he has a stack going, is getting busy preflop. He did so with [9d2d] in the hijack, raising to 3,500,000, called by big blind Jack Hardcastle. Hardcastle hit top pair on the [7s3d5d] flop and led out for 3,500,000. Call. Turn: [5s]. Hardcastle led again, this time for 8,500,000.

John Mooney Eliminated in 12th Place ($50,000)

John Mooney, down to 13.5 million having folded some hands, shoved from the hijack. His neighbor Jack Hardcastle used a time extension card before deciding to overshove. All other players got out of the way quickly. John Mooney: [AsJs] Jack Hardcastle: [8s8c] The board ran out a clean [6d4hQd] [7c] [6c] and that

Another Push for James

Jack Hardcastle opened the button for 2.7 million and small blind James Clarke pushed once more, this time for 17.2 million. James Romero folded his big blind and Hardcastle asked for a count. Once he knew how much it was, he folded. Clarke showed the [As]. "Yeah, I had one of