Jack Hardcastle Eliminated in 6th Place ($28,200)

Jack Hardcastle opened to 300,000 from early position, and the action folded to Sergio Aido in the small blind, and he moved all-in. Action folded back Hardcastle, who made the call and was the player at risk. Hardcastle: [AdTd] Aido: [AhAc] The board ran out [7s9s5h2d7c], and Hardcastle was dead on

Final Table Seat Assignments

The players have combined to the final table of 8. Seat 1: Sean Winter Seat 2: Sean Perry Seat 3: Matas Cimbolas Seat 4: Sergio Aido Seat 5: Manig Loeser Seat 6: Dylan Linde Seat 7: Jack Hardcastle Seat 8: Justin Saliba

Dylan Linde Goes Runner-Runner

Action folded to Jack Hardcastle in the small blind, and he completed. Dylan Linde was the big blind and made it 45,000 to go. Hardcastle made the call. The flop fell [JdKc4s], and Hardcastle checked to Linde, who fired a bet of 26,000. Hardcastle made the quick call. The turn

Aaron Van Blarcum Eliminated by Jack Hardcastle

Aaron Van Blarcum moved all-in on the button for his last 68,000 in chips and Jack Hardcastle made the call. Hardcastle: [AhJh] Van Blarcum: [AsKs] Van Blarcum had Hardcastle dominated but when the flop fell [QhJd8h], Hardcastle improved to a pair plus the nut flush draw. When the turn [4h] hit the

Daniel Negreanu Doubles Through Jack Hardcastle

Jack Hardcastle raised to 9,000 in the cutoff and Daniel Negreanu moved all-in for 41,000 from the small blind. Hardcastle called. Hardcastle: [9c7c] Negreanu: [KdKh] The board ran out [Ks3s5s7s3c] and Negreanu doubled with his full house.

Dylan Linde Doubles Through Jack Hardcastle

Action folded to Jack Hardcastle on the button, and he opened to 7,000. Dylan Linde was next to act in the small blind and moved all-in for his last 72,000 in chips. Hardcastle asked for a count before making the call. Hardcastle: [5h5d] Linde: [7c7h] The sevens of Linde were well ahead of

Justin Saliba vs. Jack Hardcastle

Jack Hardcastle raised to 4,000 from the button and Justin Saliba called in the big blind. The [5h8d5s] flop checked through to reveal the [9c] on the turn. Saliba led out for 2,500 and Hardcastle called as the river landed the [3d]. Saliba bet 4,500, and Hardcastle folded.

Jack Hardcastle Wins Battle of the Blinds

Action folded to Ka Kwan Lau in the small blind and he opened to 4,000. Jack Hardcastle was in the big blind and 3-bet to 12,000. Lau made the call. The dealer spread the [9d4c3h] and Lau checked it to Hardcastle. Hardcastle continued for 6,500 and Lau made the call.

Jack Hardcastle Eliminated in 4th Place ($51,000)

Action folded to Matas Cimbolas in the small blind and he opened to 500,000 which was enough to cover Jack Hardcastle in the big blind. Hardcastle used a time extension to check Johan Guilbert's chip stack and discovered they were about even before making the call for his last 400,000