Isaac Haxton Ships $10,000 Short Deck Poker Masters Event #4 on PokerGO

Playing Short Deck Poker for the very first time, Isaac Haxton took down the 2018 Poker Masters $10,000 Short Deck tournament. Haxton collected $176,000 for just the fifth outright win of his tournament career.

The first major Short Deck event held in the United States finished with a familiar face entering the winner's circle for the first time at ARIA. Isaac Haxton topped a field of 55 to win the $10,000 Event 4 on PokerGO for $176,000. Haxton entered the final table with a chance

Isaac Haxton Eliminated by Seth Davies

Hand relayed to Poker Central by Seth Davies. Isaac Haxton opened the cutoff to 9,000 and Seth Davies three-bet the small blind to 34,000. Haxton called, and on the [Kx6d5d] flop, Davies continued for 15,000. Haxton moved all in for 78,000, and Davies called. Haxton: [9d9x] Davies: [KxQd] Unfortunately for Haxton, the turn and river

Isaac Haxton Bets the River

In a limped blind versus blind pot Ryan Riess, in the small blind, and Isaac Haxton, in the big blind, checked to river on a board of [Ad5c2hJhKd]. Reiss checked again and then called the 7,500 bet from Haxton, who tabled [Kh7d] for second pair, which was good enough because Riess

Isaac Haxton Continues Downward Trend

Action folded around to Isaac Haxton who limped in the small blind. Nick Petrangelo, the big blind, bumped it up to 10,000 and was called. The flop came out [TcAs5s]. Haxton checked, Petrangelo bet 6,000, and Haxton folded.

Isaac Haxton Attempting to Rebuild Stack

Isaac Haxton is off to a rocky start to the day but the good news is he's still in it and it's way too early to panic. Haxton, trying to build his stack back up to its starting size, raised pre-flop to 4,500 and was called by Nick Schulman. Flop: [2h3h6h] Haxton

Kings Up for Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman raised to 4,500 from middle position, getting called by Jason Koon from the next seat over and Isaac Haxton from his big blind. All three players checked the [9dKc9h] flop. After Haxton checked the [5c] turn, Schulman bet 6,500, and got called once again by both players. When the [7d] river

Nick Schulman Turns Top Pair Against Isaac Haxton

Isaac Haxton raised to 4,000 on the button and Nick Schulman called from the big blind. The flop landed [2h7c5h] and Schulman checked to Haxton who continued for 13,000. Schulman called, and then both players checked the [As] on the turn. The river fell the [2d] and Schulman announced a bet of

Nick Petrangelo Wins with a River Bet

Isaac Haxton raised to 3,000 from the button and both David Peters and Nick Petrangelo called from the blinds. The [7d8s6s] flop checked through to reveal the [8d] on the turn. Peters checked, Petrangelo bet 2,500, and both Haxton and Peters called. The river landed the [2c] and after Peters checked, Petrangelo bet

Seth Davies Takes a Little From Isaac Haxton

Action folded around to Seth Davies in the small blind and he made the call. Isaac Haxton then checked his cards and raised, getting called by Davies. After Davies checked the [AhJs8d] flop, Haxton continued for 3,000, which got another call from Davies. Both players checked the [Qh] turn, but Davies led