Igor Kurganov Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Igor Kurganov was all in from the big blind for 235,000 against Stephen Chidwick on the button. Kurganov: [AhJs] Chidwick: [QcQh] The board ran out [Kh7h8s5dKc] and Kurganov was eliminated.

Ace-High Win for Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman limped in for 6,000 and Igor Kurganov checked the big blind. The flop landed [8d4s2c] and Schulman checked. Kurganov bet 10,000 and Schulman called as the [Kh] and [9c] checked through on the turn and river. Schulman tabled his [As7s], and Kurganov mucked.

Charity Poker Tournaments: Everything You Need to Know

Daniel Negreanu's St. Jude's poker charity event, Tiger Woods' Tiger Jam, and Liv Boeree supporting R.E.G. are just some of the top charitable initiatives in poker.

Chris Moneymaker once said that the beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play. But while poker is often a game in which we’re taught that winning is everything, the by-product of that mindset is often that players are money hungry in the early years of their