Hiroaki Harada Eliminated in 12th Place ($45,000)

Hiroaki Harada pushed all in from the button for 4,700,000 and he was called by small blind Andres Viola. Harada pushed with [kc5c] and he was up against the [ad2s] of Viola. The board fell [8h5h3has3s] and Viola eliminated Harada in 12th place. The Japanese player took home $45,000 and the others

Harada on the Ropes

Pablo Silva limped on the button and small blind Charles Kassin called as well. Big blind Hiroaki Harada checked his option. The flop fell [8h6h2c] and it checked to Silva who bet 1,000,000. Harada pushed all in for 9,300,000 and Kassin folded. Silva called. Silva showed [ahac] and Harada had [jh7h]. The turn

Kamei Busts to Harada

Luis Gustavo Kamei, a one-time chip leader of this event, shoved from the cutoff for 4,225,000. Hiroaki Harada on the button over shoved for 13,200,000 and both blinds released. Luis Gustavo Kamei: [AdJs] Hiroaki Harada: [AhKh] The board ran out [Qd3h4h] [4c] [8h] and Kamei hit the rail.

Arce Lets It Go

Martin Arce limped the small blind and big blind Hiroaki Harada raised to 1,800,000. Arce called to see the flop. The flop came down [9c7s4d] and Arce checked to Harada who continued with a bet of 1,000,000. Arce then raised to 2,700,000 and Harada called. The turn was the [kh] and Arce

Manole Eliminated in 35th Place

Mihai Manole was all-in and at risk of being eliminated with [asks] against [thtc] of Hiroaki Harada. The board was dealt [Jc8h2hts6c] and Manole was eliminated in 35th place. The Romanian cashed for $30,000.