Farid Jattin Ain’t Mad With His Double Knockout

Guillaume Nolet raised to 6,000 from the button. Jamie Lee re-raised to 15,000 from the small blind. Farid Jattin used a time extension before bumping it up to 147,000 which had both opponents covered. Nolet called with 58,000 behind. Lee quickly called with around 130,000 in his stack. Jattin: [ah][td] Lee:

Andras Nemeth Flops Broadway to Double

Andras Nemeth raised to 7,000 on the button and Guillaume Nolet called in the big blind. The flop landed [QcTsKs] and Nolet checked. Nemeth bet 5,000, and Nolet called as the turn landed the [2c]. Nolet checked and Nemeth bet 12,000. Nolet check-raised all in for 114,000, and Nemeth called all in

Steve O’Dwyer vs. Guillaume Nolet

Guillaume Nolet raised to 4,500 from the cutoff and was called by Steve O'Dwyer in the big blind. The flop came [3h][8s][jh] and O'Dwyer checked. Nolet continued for 4,000. O'Dwyer called. Both players checked the [9c] on the turn before the [kc] completed the board. O'Dwyer bet 6,500. Nolet deliberated

Jamie Lee Flops Set-Over-Set on Guillaume Nolet

Jamie Lee opened to 4,500 from under the gun and Guillaume Nolet called in the big blind. The flop landed [3sKd5s] and Nolet checked. Lee bet 3,000 and Nolet check-raised to 10,500. Lee called, and when Nolet checked the [7s] on the turn, Lee bet 17,500. Nolet called, and then both players checked

Guillaume Nolet vs. Elio Fox

Elio Fox raised to 2,500 from the cutoff. Guillaume Nolet re-raised to 9,000 from the small blind. Fox called. The flop came [4h][2h][ad] and Nolet bet out 7,500. Fox mucked almost instantly.

Jorryt van Hoof Pressures Guillaume Nolet

The board showed [qh][5c][7s][5h][js] and a sizeable pot had accumulated in the middle of the table. Jorryt van Hoof pushed forward 250,000 which put Nolet and his 23,500-stack all in. Nolet went into the tank for several minutes, using four time extensions, before finally opting to muck his hand.

Jorryt van Hoof Wins One Back

Jorryt van Hoof raised to 5,500 from the hijack and Steve O'Dwyer called on the button, as did Ben Lamb and Guillaume Nolet from the blinds. The flop landed [4hAcJc] and van Hoof continued for 7,000 with only Nolet calling. The turn fell the [Tc] and Nolet checked. Van Hoof placed out

Guillaume Nolet Pressures Jorryt van Hoof

The action folded around to Guillaume Nolet in the small blind who called. Jorryt van Hoof checked from the big blind. The flop came [2s][qc][jh] and Nolet bet 2,000. Van Hoof raised to 7,000. Nolet called. The turn brought the [9s] and Nolet checked. Van Hoof bet 15,000. Nolet used

Two Pair for Guillaume Nolet

With 10,500 in the middle, and the board reading [8sQcQsAh], Guillaume Nolet checked from the big blind to Steve O'Dwyer on the button who bet out 12,000. Nolet called, and the river landed the [5s] and both players checked. Nolet tabled his [AsTs], and O'Dwyer mucked.

Alex Foxen Shoves on Sam Haddad

Sam Haddad raised the button to 5,000 and both Alex Foxen and Guillaume Nolet called from the blinds. The flop landed [3c5cQh] and Foxen and Nolet checked to Haddad who continued for 12,000. Foxen check-raised all in for 110,000, and after Nolet folded, Haddad mucked too.