Adrian Mateos Wins MILLIONS World Bahamas Main Event!

The MILLIONS World Bahamas Main Event has concluded from the Baha Mar Casino in Nassau, Bahamas, as part of the partypoker LIVE Caribbean Poker Party with Spain's Adrian Mateos collecting the title and the $1,162,805 first-place prize. The 25-year old Spaniard has been regarded as one of the most accomplished poker

Gregory Baird Eliminated in 8th Place ($180,000)

Chris Hunichen raised to 9 million from middle position, Gregory Baird three-bet to 44 million from the cutoff (with 1 million behind), Hunichen four-bet and Baird called all in for 45 million total. Hunichen: [6s6h] Baird: [7d7c] The board came down [Jd6cKh9hAc], giving Hunichena set of sixes to eliminate Baird in eighth place

Gregory Baird Doubles Through partypoker pro Philipp Gruissem

From the hijack, partypoker pro Philipp Gruissem raised all in for 41.2 million and Gregory Baird called all in for 21.9 million from the big blind. Gruissem: [KdJs] Baird: [KsQd] The board ran out [4s3sAs3h8s], giving Baird a king-high flush to double through Gruissem.

Oskar Prehm Eliminated in 10th Place ($100,000)

Gregory Baird raised all in for 15.4 million from under the gun, Adrian Mateos called from the button, Oskar Prehm reraised all in from the big blind for 51 million and Mateos sighed before he called. Baird: [AhQc] Mateos: [AcQh] Prehm: [KdKc] The board ran out [As3hTs6d7c], giving Baird and Mateos a pair of

Gregory Baird Doubles Through Oleg Mandzjuk

Oleg Mandzjuk raised to 6 million from the cutoff and Oleg Mandzjuk calls all in for 5.3 million from the small blind. Mandzjuk: [Ac7s] Baird: [QdQc] The board ran out [Jd2d2s8h2h], safe for Baird to double up.

Oleg Mandzjuk Doubles Through Gregory Baird

Oleg Mandzjuk shoved all in for 27.6 million from the cutoff and Gregory Baird shoved over the top for 38.7 million. Mandzjuk: [Ad6h] Baird: [Ac5c] The board ran out [5s7sQh6c4c] and Mandzjuk secured the double.

Iurii Pasiuk Eliminated in 15th Place ($65,000)

Gregory Baird raised to 5 million in middle position and Chris Hunichen three-bet next to act to 14 million. From the hijack, Jonathan Kozel used two time extensions before folding. From the cutoff, Iurii Pasiuk moved all in for 26.5 million. The blinds folded, as did Baird, and Hunichen called. Hunichen: [KhKd] Pasiuk:

Chris Hunichen vs. Gregory Baird

Gregory Baird limped the small blind and Chris Hunichen checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [TcQc6s] and both players checked. The turn fell the [7s] and Baird checked. Hunichen bet 3 million and Baird called as the river landed the [3h]. Baird checked, Hunichen bet 5.4 million, and

Gregory Baird Check-Shoves Turn on Alexandru Papazian

Gregory Baird limped in from the small blind and Alexandru Papazian checked the big blind. The flop landed [JsJcTc] and Baird led for 1.2 million. Papazian raised to 3.6 million and Baird called as the turn fell the [Ad]. Baird checked and Papazian bet 6 million. Baird announced he was all in

Gregory Baird Doubles Through Andras Nemeth

Andras Nemeth raised from middle position and Gregory Baird called from the button. The flop was [8h7s5d], Nemeth bet, Baird raised to 4,500,000, Nemeth reraised all in with a covering stack and Baird called all in for 24,850,000. Nemeth: [Jh9h] Baird: [5h5s] Baird led with a set of fives and held up through the