Carlos Chadha Eliminated by Michal Bochenski

Michal Bochenski raised to 60,000 from middle position and Carlos Chadha shoved all in for 3,975,000 from the hijack. Giuseppe Iadisernia called from the small blind, and Bochenski moved all in for 10,950,000. Iadisernia used three time extensions and then folded. Bochenski: [AcAd] Chadha: [QsJs] The board ran out [2s5c5hAh9s] and Chadha was eliminated.

Justin Bonomo Squeezes the Small Blind; Approaching 1.3 Million

Danny Tang raised to 9,000 from under the gun and Christoph Vogelsang called next to act. Giuseppe Iadisernia called on the button, and with the action on Justin Bonomo in the small blind, he announced a three-bet to 48,000. Tang, Vogelsang, and Iadisernia all folded, and Bonomo collected the pot.

Erik Seidel Closing in on 800k

Erik Seidel raised under the gun to 9,000 and both Danny Tang and Giuseppe Iadisernia called from the cutoff and big blind respectively. The flop landed [9c7dKd] and Seidel continued for 11,000. Tang folded, but Iadisernia check-called as the turn fell the [5c]. Iadisernia checked and Seidel bet 37,000. Iadisernia called, and

Kings for Blumstein in Big Pot

Piecing the hand together after it went down, Scott Blumstein ended up on a flop three ways with initial raiser Thai Ha and Giuseppe Iadisernia. The flop brought [Jc2c2h] and Ha continued for 21,000 after which Iadisernia raised to 86,000. Blumstein called and the turn brought the [4h]. Iadisernia checked to Blumstein

Germany Down and Back

After Manig Loeser doubled through Koray Aldemir, Germany found themselves on opposite ends of the leaderboard heading into Level 3. Midway through that 30-minute period, a short stacked Aldemir became the second elimination of the day. Giuseppi Iadisernia busted shortly after his confrontation with Mike Watson and Aldemir took Iadisernia's empty seat

Mike Watson Doubles With Aces

While Manig Loeser sits atop the Table 1 counts, Mike Watson is the early Event #1 leader after doubling through Giuseppe Iadisernia. After Stephen Chidwick opened from under the gun, Iadisernia called in middle position before Watson three-bet from the big blind. Chidwick did not continue, but Iadisernia stuck around to see the

Seated Shortly After the Start

After a dozen players were seated from the start, two more have joined Event #1 before the end of the first level. China's Gang Wang is seated between Manig Loeser and Joao Vieira, while Venezuelan Giuseppe Iadisernia is seated between Sam Soverel and Barry Shulman. Those additions have filled out both seven-handed

Giuseppe Iadisernia Bricks Flush Draw and Hits the Rail

Giuseppe Iadisernia limped under the gun and Nick Petrangelo raised to 4,500 in the cutoff. Bryn Kenney called on the button, and Iadisernia called also. The flop landed [ah][6h][2h] and Iadisernia led out for 11,000. Petrangelo folded, and as Kenney's time was about to expire, he raised to 75,000. Iadisernia looked back at

Giuseppe Iadisernia Loses Race to Bryn Kenney

Giuseppe Iadisernia limped in under the gun and Nick Petrangelo raised to 3,500 from the cutoff. Bryn Kenney called from the button, and Phil Hellmuth called in the small blind. Iadisernia shoved all in for 34,000 when the action returned to him, and after Petrangelo folded, Kenney called. Hellmuth open-mucked his