Lampropulos Gets Lucky to Bust Mulsow and Philippovich

From middle position, Georgy Philippovich limped in for 500,000. Small blind Martin Mulsow raised to 1.5 million with about 700,000 behind. Big blind Maria Lampropulos three-bet to 3.2 million and Philippovich shoved for 9,525,000. Mulsow called all in and so did Lampropulos. Georgy Philippovich: [AcKh] Martin Mulsow: [9c9s] Maria Lampropulos: [AsQs] The board ran

Suarez Checks the Nuts

A lot of chips flew in preflop between button Georgy Philippovich and big blind Anton Suarez, with the final bet being 4,800,000 to see a flop (from Suarez).  After Philippovich called, they checked a flop of [tdqhjs] to get to a [kc] turn.  Suarez checked again, and called when Philippovich

Jack Sinclair Busts

We only got there for the showdown, but Georgy Philippovich was kind enough to share the details of the hand with us. After a raise to 550,000 and a call from Philippovich, Jack Sinclair squeezed to 2.6 million. The initial raiser gave up but Philippovich called in position. Sinclair would bet 1.8

Andrew Graham Soft Bubbles the partypoker MILLIONS UK

Seated under the gun, Andrew Graham limped in. That invited Georgy Philippovich on the button to limp as well. Anthony Kennedy in the small blind completed and Joep Raemaekers checked his big blind. The blinds and Graham checked a flop of [As6sJh] and Philippovich bet 400,000. Kennedy and Raemaekers folded, Graham