Stephen Chidwick Wins British Poker Open Event #7 for £202,500

A dramatic day at the felt saw Event #7, the £25,000-entry Pot Limit Omaha event produce another new winner this series, as Stephen Chidwick put himself right back in the race for the British Poker Open Championship in London. SOVEREL'S CHIP LEAD DISAPPEARS Coming into play with a mammoth lead in the

George Wolff Eliminated in 2nd Place for £112,500

Whittled down to just seven big blinds, George Wolff was left howling after a wounding hand. Chidwick held [Td9d7c7h] and raised it up to 90,000, with George Wolff calling with [Qc8d7s5d]. Chidwick bet to take it down, leaving Wolff with just three big blinds, 'on the ropes' in the words of

Wolff’s River Shove Called Off!

A sensational call on the river may have won Stephen Chidwick this Event #7 title. Chidwick held [Ks8s6h5c] and his opponent George Wolf had moved all-in with [AdKc6c5d] after the pot of 880,000 had gone to the river on a board of [9s3dQsJs8d]. A stunning bluff, but an even more amazing call saw

Wolff Retakes the Lead

Stephen Chidwick held [AhJs5s5h] and raised to 90,000. George Wolff three-bet to 270,000 with [AsKh8s7d] and Chidwick made the call. With 570,000 in the middle, the flop of [6s8cQc] Wolff potted for 570,000 and took it down. Wolff has retaken the chip lead again.

Chidwick Extends his Lead

With 175,000 in the pot, Stephen Chidwick had [AcKdJs9c] and bet the flop to take it down yet again, winning four hands of the last six. Chidwick has the chip lead on Wolff by a ratio 2:1 at present... but will that be enough to see it out and move into

Chidwick Takes the Lead

George Wolff bet 60,000 and when Chidwick three-bet to 180,000 holding [AsAd5c3d], Wolff made the call with [AcQc6c5d]. With 380,000 in the pot and [8c6d8s] on the flop, Wolff bet 325,000 and Chidwick moved all-in, in "fantastic shape to double" as broadcast team Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks said in the

Chidwick Battling to Survive

In the second of two recent hands won, Stephen Chidwick has made ground on George Wolff after dropping further back, but remains a two-to-one 'dog'. In the latest hand, Chidwick flopped top pair - a nine - and rivered two pair to take it down, closing to within one big pot

Chidwick Off to a Roaring Start

Chidwick had [7s6d5c3c] and just called Wolff's bet pre-flop of just over 40,000 with [AsAcJc6s]. The flop of [8h7dJd] saw Wolff bet 35,000 and again, Chidwick called. The turn of [2s] saw Wolff check, and Chidwick followed suit. The river [8d] saw Wolff check again, but Chidwick felt that he had to fire