George Wolff Eliminated in 10th Place

Mike Watson raised to 27,000 on the button and Sean Winter called in the small blind. George Wolff was all in for 25,000 from the big blind to create a 4,000-chip side pot. The [7c6cKd3cTd] board checked through to the river where Winter bet out 72,000 and Watson folded. Winter tabled his

Flop Bet Win for Mike Watson

Jorryt van Hoof limped under the gun and Mike Watson called in the cutoff, as did George Wolff from the small blind. Chino Rheem checked the big blind, and the flop landed [8c9h2s]. Action checked to Watson, and he bet 330,000 and his three opponents folded.

Mike Watson Doubles Through George Wolff

George Wolff raised to 18,000 from the hijack and was called by Mike Watson in the big blind. Both players checked the [2s][tc][jh] flop before the [6c] dropped on the turn. Watson checked. Wolff bet 45,000. Watson moved all in for just over 100,000. Wolff made the quick call. Watson:

Steve O’Dwyer Survives, Luc Greenwood Eliminated

George Wolff raised to 10,000 from the cutoff and Luc Greenwood raised pot to 34,500 from the button. Steve O'Dwyer was all in from the small blind for 500. Wolff called, and the flop landed [4c7c7h]. Wolff bet out and Greenwood called all in for 65,500. O'Dwyer: [Kd5h4d4s] Wolff: [TcTh7s6h] Greenwood: [AdAhTs6d] The turn

Jorryt van Hoof Shoves Turn on George Wolff

Jorryt van Hoof raised to 10,000 from under the gun and George Wolff reraised to 31,500 from the big blind. Van Hoof called, and the flop landed [6sTsAh]. Wolff led out for pot of 67,000 and van Hoof called. The turn fell the [8s] and Wolff checked. Van Hoof moved all in

George Wolff vs. William Zavos

William Zavos raised to 7,000 in the cutoff and George Wolff called out of the small blind. The flop landed [6d2cQc] and Wolff checked. Zavos continued for 9,000 and Wolff called as the turn landed the [3d] and both players checked. The river fell the [Jh] and Wolff bet out 12,000 and

George Wolff Triples with Quads, Andy Lee Eliminated

Aaron Van Blarcum raised to 3,500 from the cutoff and Andy Lee called on the button, as did George Wolff in the big blind. The flop landed [2h8dJs] and Wolff checked to Van Blarcum who bet 5,000. Lee raised to 25,000, and Wolff moved all in for 86,500. Van Blarcum shoved over

George Wolff Eliminated by Seth Davies

Harrison Gimbel raised to 4,000 on the button and Seth Davies three-bet to 15,000 from the small blind. George Wolff is all in from the big blind for 500. Gimbel called, and the flop landed [Ts3d5c]. Davies continued for 8,000 and Gimbel called as the turn landed the [Kc]. Davies bet 15,000

Sosia Jiang Doubles Through George Wolff

The flop showed [qd][jd][5h] and George Wolff bet 3,500 from the hijack. Sosia Jiang raised to 17,000 from the button. Wolff called. The turn dropped the [7h] and Wolff checked. Jiang tossed out 15,000. Wolff followed shortly after. The [3c] completed the board and Wolff quickly checked. Jiang announced all-in

George Wolff Takes from Elio Fox

Elio Fox limped in from the small blind and George Wolff raised to 3,500 from the big blind. Fox called, and the flop landed [Qc9c3c] and he checked. Wolff continued for 2,500, and Fox folded.