Scholten Eliminated

Freek Scholten sat in the big blind and he had to win a big 21,000,000 coin flip. Him and small blind Fabian Gumz had their chips in the middle. Scholten had [tstc] against the [acqc] of Gumz. The board fell [adjh8hahks] and Gumz won the pot. Scholten was left with 1,000,000. Matias Gabrenja

Scholten Leads Turn and River

Lorenzo Bazei opened the hijack for 650,000 and big blind Freek Scholten called. Scholten check-called a bet of 500,000 on [As2hKh] before leading 1,125,000 on the [Kc] turn. Bazei called in position. Scholten bet another 1,625,000 on the [5d] river and Bazei called. The Dutchman showed [KdQd] for turned trips and Bazei

Scholten Doubles

The under the gun player raised to 425,000 and another player three-bet to 1,275,000 and Freek Scholten pushed all in. The four-bet all-in by Scholten was for 4,550,000 and the initial raiser folded. The three-bettor called. Freek Scholten: [adkc] Opponent: [kdqh] The [ac9h7s] flop was very good for Scholten and he locked it

Scholten Gets Value With a Set

The under the gun player raised to 240,000 and another player called from middle position. Dutchman Freek Scholten called from the big blind after a black four was accidentally exposed by another player at the table. The flop was dealt [ac8s3s] and all players checked. Scholten bet 625,000 on the [kc]

Scholten Doubles Kempe

Freek Scholten was seen with a much shorter stack than before and was kind enough to tell us what had happened. Scholten opened from middle position holding [AxJx] off-suit and called Rainer Kempe's 1.4 millon cutoff jam with [9x9x]. The board brought nothing but bricks and Kempe doubled.

Tommie Janssen Eliminated

Tommie Janssen, who was amongst the bigger stacks ending Day 1a but who lost aces to kings earlier today, has been eliminated. According to table mate Freek Scholten, Janssen got it in with pocket sevens for his last 800,000 from the hijack against the button's [AxKx]. A board of [Qx8x6x] [Jx]

Scholten Takes From Moscon

Freek Scholten was in a hand with Gustavo Omar Moscon where there was a 600,000 pot already and the board read [kcqd7dtc]. Moscon had checked to Scholten and the Dutchman bet 375,000. He was called and the [3d] river completed the board. Moscon all of a sudden led out with a

Scholten Busts Romero

Freek Scholten got up from the table and told us how he had busted James Romero just moments ago. Scholten had opened the low jack with [9x9x] for 90,000 and Romero had jammed for 960,000 from the button with [9c4c]. Scholten called to put Romero's tournament life on the line. The

Scholten Hits the Rail

Freek Scholten was seen walking to the exit, having started the day at the feature table. He told us he started the hand with eighteen big blinds and had opened the button for 65,000. The small blind three-bet, the big blind folded, and Scholten jammed for a little bit more. The

Bet Bet Bet

As we arrived, the flop was already out with Freek Scholten (under the gun) betting 60,000 on [Tc4sQh]. Daniel Vejar in the cutoff called. Scholten bet another 180,000 on the [5d] turn and got called again. Scholten shoved for just over 800,000 on the [Jd] river and Vejar folded.