Frank Funaro Eliminated by Nick Schulman

Frank Funaro shoved all-in from the cutoff for 51,500 and Nick Schulman isolated from the small blind. Funaro: [QcJc] Schulman: [Ad8h] The board ran out [6c3dTc6h8s] and Funaro was eliminated.

Two Pair for Vicent Bosca

On a flop of [9hKsTs], Frank Funaro was facing a bet of 6,000 from Vicent Bosca from under the gun. Funaro was in the small blind and check-raised to 22,000. Bosca called before the [4d] and [4h] checked through. Funaro tabled his [8h7h], but it would be Bosca's [KdQc] that earn him

Frank Funaro Chips Up Through Randy Kaas

Frank Funaro opened to 300,000 with 100,000 behind from under the gun and action folded to Randy Kaas in the big blind and he called. Funaro thought Kaas shoved and accidentally revealed [AxJx] The flop fell [7d5d4s], and Kaas checked. Funaro moved all-in, and Kaas snap folded.

Frank Funaro Doubles Through Jake Daniels

Jake Daniels raised to 50,000 in the cutoff and Frank Funaro moved all-in for 265,000. Daniels called. Daniels: [Kc7d] Funaro: [3c3h] The board ran out [9s9d9cJc3s] and Funaro doubled.

Frank Funaro Doubles Through Vitaliy Rizhkov

Frank Funaro moved all-in from late position for his last 130,000, and Vitaliy Rizhkov called from the big blind. Funaro: [Tc6c] Rizhkov: [AcQc] The board ran out [AdQdKhJs8h], and Funaro turned a straight to double.

John Riordan Survives; Frank Funaro Wins Side Pot

John Riordan shoved all-in for 65,000 in the cutoff before Frank Funaro isolated from the small blind for his last 165,000. Cary Katz used a time extension from the big blind before he called. Riordan: [3s3d] Funaro: [AcAd] Katz: [KsQh] The board ran out [JsKd6h9c3c] and Riordan struck gold on the river to triple