Heroes in Poker and Sports, Should We Ever Meet Them?

Watching the new breed of poker talent is exciting. We’ve all enjoyed the rise of modern-day superstars such as Justin Bonomo, Jason Koon, and Fedor Holz. But looking back on these classic episodes of Poker After Dark with the on-demand service available to any PokerGO subscriber has been a joy,

Fedor Holz Eliminated by Daniel Negreanu

The flop was [qc][9h][2h] and Fedor Holz had 30,000 out in front of him. Holz was in the big blind and Daniel Negreanu raised to 100,000 from under the gun. "I committed him," said Negreanu. "He's only got about 240,000, so I make it 100,000 and it's the same thing as

Ali Imsirovic Shoves on Fedor

There was about 30,000 in the pot on the turn with the board reading [kd][tc][5c][8c]. Fedor Holz led out from the small blind for 20,000 and Ali Imsirovic called from middle position. The river was the [jh] and Holz bet 40,000. Imsirovic moved all in for effectively Holz's remaining 200,000. Holz

Cary Katz Falls to Fedor Holz

On one of the final hands of the night, Cary Katz shoved all in with [7h][5h] for a straight draw against Fedor Holz and his top set of jacks. Katz found no improvement on the turn or river, and he was eliminated from Super High Roller Bowl V.

Matthias Eibinger Shoves on Fedor Holz

On the turn with the board reading [qh][jc][5s][8c], Fedor Holz checked from the big blind and Matthias Eibinger bet about 35,000 from the cutoff. Holz called. There was about 110,000 in the pot heading to the river, which was the [qs]. Holz checked and Eibinger moved all in. Holz used a

Cary Katz Doubles Through Fedor Holz

Cary Katz moved all in from middle position for 16,500 and Fedor Holz called from the cutoff. Holz showed [as][4s] and was in the lead against Katz's [kh][th]. Jason Koon was predicting the queen of hearts on the flop, but he was slightly off as it came [qs][6h][2h]. The turn was

Fedor Holz Spikes a River Against Matthias Eibinger

Matthias Eibinger raised to 4,000 under the gun and Cary Katz called from the cutoff. Fedor Holz three-bet to 18,000 on the button and Eibinger called. Katz folded and they were heads-up to a flop of [7d][7c][6c]. Eibinger checked and Holz bet 10,500. Eibinger called. The turn was the [8h] and

Cary Katz Takes it on the River

It was a battle of the blinds between Cary Katz in the small blind and Fedor Holz in the big blind. On a flop of [8h][4c][3h], Katz checked and Holz bet 5,000. Katz called and the turn was the [7h]. Katz checked again and Holz checked behind. The river was the