Gonzalez Three-Bets the Flop, Folds to Four-Bet

Yehia Ali Lama opened the action raising to 85,000 from middle position. Fabrizio Gonzalez called from the big blind. The two saw a flop of [5c6c9c] and Gonzalez led for 65,000. Lama was quick enough to raise to 180,000. Gonzalez needed only a couple of seconds to three-bet to 415,000. Lama

Uruguay’s Gonzalez Bags Big on Day 1a of partypoker MILLIONS South America

Day 1a of the partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event is in the books, and it's Uruguay's own Fabrizio Gonzalez headlining. Over the eight one-hour levels played, he turned his one million starting stack into well over 5.5 million. German high roller Robert Heidorn (5,475,000), Tommie Janssen (4,315,000,) Kenny Hallaert (3,615,000,)

Gonzalez With Queens

The player under the gun opened for a min-raise of 32,000 and Fabrizio Gonzalez in the hijack three-bet to 51,000, just about as small as allowed. The big blind shoved for 168,000 and the initial raiser folded. Gonzalez called. "Oh, I can't wait to see this one!" table mate Niall Farrell

(Back) In

Robert Heidorn and Fabrizio Gonzalez were seen sitting down for their second try of the day. Anthony Zinno is a force to be reckoned with as well, he's on his first bullet.

Fernandez Busts Gonzalez

Two high rollers just clashed, and it was the younger one to bite the dust. We missed most of the action, but table mate Ryan Riess was kind enough to fill us in on some of the details. Fabrizio Gonzalez opened from early position and the small blind called. Leo Fernandez

Gonzalez Eliminated

Fabrizio Gonzalez has been eliminated from the $25,500 Super High Roller at the 2020 partypoker MILLIONS South America. He wasn't able to recover from his flush over flush cooler, losing the last of his chips with jack-nine against Francisco Benitez' ace-deuce.

Gonzalez Loses Flush Over Flush

Fabrizio Gonzalez opened the hijack for 120,000 and big blind Luis Peluso called. Peluso led for 200,000 on [7c4c2d] and Gonzalez called. Peluso bet another 400,000 on the [Kc] turn and Gonzalez shoved for 1,000,000 exact. Peluso called instantly for 925,000 total. Fabrizio Gonzalez: [8cTc] Luis Peluso: [Jc9c] Gonzalez was drawing dead so the

More for Daniels

Fabrizio Gonzalez opened to 40,000 under the gun plus one and big blind Jacob Daniels called. Daniels check-called a bet of 25,000 on [Ac7c4h] before they both checked the [2h] on the turn. The [2c] completed the board and Daniels bet 43,000. Gonzalez called but mucked upon being shown [As3s]