Trips Versus Trips Kills Waigel

Pablo Silva opened the button with a min-raise and big blind Ezequiel Waigel called. Waigel check-called a bet of 200,000 on [7x8xAx] with two spades. The turn was an offsuit [8x] and Waigel led for 400,000. Silva raised to 1,500,000 and Waigel called. The river was an offsuit [4x] and Waigel checked.

Vohrs Doubles Through Waigel

Ezequiel Waigel opened the action with a 500,000 raise from under the gun. Hijack Soren Vohrs three-bet all in for 2,625,000 and Waigel called. Soren Vohrs: [jhjc] Ezequiel Waigel: [7s7d] The board ran out [adqs8d4h3c] and Vohrs doubled up.

Waigel Doubles

We don't have many details, but we're sure Ezequiel Waigel just doubled holding [10s10d] in the small blind against the cutoff's [KhKs]. With the board reading [JxJx9x] [Tc] [6c], Waigel found the ten on the turn he was looking for to stay in the race.