Sosia Jiang Wins on the Turn

Sosia Jiang raised to 2,500 from under the gun and Erik Seidel three-bet the small blind to 10,500. Jiang called, and the flop landed [2h5dJc]. Seidel continued for 8,500 and Jiang called as the turn landed the [7s]. Seidel checked and Jiang bet 30,000. Seidel folded.

Kahle Burns Eliminated by Farid Jattin

Erik Seidel raised to 7,000 from under the gun and Farid Jattin called next to act. Chino Rheem came along from the cutoff before Kahle Burns made it 37,000 on the button. Seidel, Jattin, and Rheem all called, and the flop landed [Kh6c2s]. Seidel checked, and Jattin bet 135,000. Rheem folded, Burns

Kahle Burns Wins on the Turn

Erik Seidel limped under the gun, and Chino Rheem came along from the cutoff. Kahle Burns was on the button, and he raised to 5,500. Andras Nemeth called from the big blind, as did Seidel and Rheem. The flop landed [2c9hKs], and action checked to Burns who bet 6,500. Only Seidel

Andras Nemeth Wins Australian Poker Open Event #2

Andras Nemeth

Hungary's Andras Nemeth recorded the second-biggest victory of his poker career at the 2020 Australian Poker Open by defeating a field of 43 elite entrants into the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha event to take home the $146,200 top prize. Nemeth defeated local Najeem Ajez heads up while sending Event #1

Stephen Chidwick Doubles Through Erik Seidel

The board showed [th][8s][ah][3s] and a sizeable pot had amassed in the middle of the table. Erik Seidel bet 75,000 from the hijack. Stephen Chidwick moved all in for 333,000 from the cutoff. Seidel used a time extension before making the call with an additional 25,000 behind. Chidwick: [ad][8d] Seidel: [ac][kh] Chidwick

Erik Seidel Doubles Through Andras Nemeth

Erik Seidel was all in from the big blind for 115,000 holding [AhKd9s5d] against Andras Nemeth on the button with [AsJdJsTc]. The board ran out [7sAc3c3s8d] and Seidel secured a double.

Flush for Joni Jouhkimainen

Andras Nemeth limped the button, and both Joni Jouhkimainen and Erik Seidel came along from the blinds. The flop landed [3s6s8s] and Nemeth bet 15,000 with only Jouhkimainen calling. The [Ts] checked through on the turn, and when the river landed the [Qs], Jouhkimainen bet out 40,000. Nemeth used his last two time