Erik Seidel Eliminated by Manig Loeser

Action folded to Erik Seidel and his short stack in the small blind. He moved all-in and was called by Manig Loeser. Seidel: [Qd7h] Loeser: [Jd6d] The board ran out [5hJs5cTs9d] and Seidel was eliminated six spots from the money.

Erik Seidel in Search of Double Up

Erik Seidel, who is nursing a short stack, has moved all-in three hands in a row without getting called. In the last hand, Alex Foxen raised on the button to 24,000. Seidel shipped it all in for 137,000 and Foxen folded his cards.

Alex Foxen Wins One Just Before the Break

After everyone folded around to Erik Seidel, he raised to 19,000 from the button, getting called by Alex Foxen in his big blind. After Foxen checked the [AcKsTh] flop, Seidel continued for 14,000 and Foxen called. Both players then checked the [Jd] turn, and when the dealer put out the [Kc] on

Ben Yu vs. Erik Seidel

Action folded to Ben Yu and he raised to 18,000 from the cutoff. Erik Seidel made the call from his big blind. After both players checked the [5h3c6c] flop, Seidel led out on the [Qs] turn with a bet of 20,000, which was called by Yu. Seidel then checked the [Ks] river,