Erik Seidel Closing in on 800k

Erik Seidel raised under the gun to 9,000 and both Danny Tang and Giuseppe Iadisernia called from the cutoff and big blind respectively. The flop landed [9c7dKd] and Seidel continued for 11,000. Tang folded, but Iadisernia check-called as the turn fell the [5c]. Iadisernia checked and Seidel bet 37,000. Iadisernia called, and

Top Pair Win for Erik Seidel

Action folded to Erik Seidel in the small blind, and he raised to 16,000. Danny Tang called from out of the big blind, and the flop landed [Qd3h7h]. Seidel continued for 15,000 and Tang called. The [6s] and [4c] checked through on the turn and river and Seidel tabled his [KsQs].

Ali Imsirovic Eliminated by Christoph Vogelsang

Christoph Vogelsang raised to 5,000 in the cutoff, and Ali Imsirovic was all in for 500 from the small blind. Erik Seidel called in the big blind, and on the [TsAc8h] flop, he check-called a bet of 4,000 from Vogelsang. The [2h] and [Ks] checked through on the turn and river, and

Danny Tang Takes it on the Turn

Erik Seidel raised to 5,000 in the cutoff and both Danny Tang and Christoph Vogelsang called out of the blinds. The [3cQh6s] flop checked through to reveal the [4s] on the turn. Tang bet out 11,500 and both Vogelsang and Tang folded.

One for Michael Soyza

Erik Seidel raised to 3,500 in the hijack and Michael Soyza defended his big blind. The [6c4cTd8sJh] board checked through to the river where Soyza tabled his [As2s] and Seidel mucked.

Kahle Burns vs. Erik Seidel

Kahle Burns raised to 8,000 in the hijack and Erik Seidel called from the big blind. The flop ladned [4hTdKs] and Seidel check-called a bet of 7,000. The [Qc] on the turn checked through to reveal the [9h] on the river. Seidel checked, and Burns bet 13,000. Seidel mucked.

Junichi Nakano Doubles Through Erik Seidel

Junichi Nakano opened to 3,500 in the hijack and Bill Klein called on the button. From the small blind, Erik Seidel three-bet to 19,000. Nakano called and Klein folded as the flop landed [Qd7s9d]. Seidel led out for 16,000 and Nakano called as the turn fell the [Td]. Seidel checked and Nakano

Erik Seidel Eliminated in 8th Place ($20,800)

No-Limit Hold'em Stephen Chidwick shoved all in from the button and Erik Seidel called all in from the big blind for roughly 600,000. Seidel: [AxKx] Chidwick: [5x5x] The board ran out [6x5x4xAx7x] and Seidel was eliminated in eighth place for a $20,800 payday.