Erik Seidel Eliminated in 11th Place ($27,300)

Sean Winter raised to 125,000 from the small blind and Erik Seidel moved all in from the big blind for roughly 695,000. Winter called, and the cards were tabled. Winter: [9s9d] Seidel: [Ah8d] The board ran out [8h2s6d7c4d] and Seidel was eliminated in 11th place for a $27,300 payday.

Erik Seidel Rivers a Straight to Double Up

Cary Katz opened to 25,000 from middle position and Erik Seidel was the only caller on the button. The flop came [Js7c4s] and both players checked. The turn brought the [9d] and Katz bet 27,000. Seidel called. The river was the [Qh] and Katz went into the tank using a time extension before

James Romero Takes a Small One from Erik Seidel

Action folded to Erik Seidel in the small blind and he completed. James Romero utilized his option and made it 7,500 to go. Seidel quickly made the call. The flop came [AcAdTc] and Seidel checked it over to Romero who continued for 6,000. Seidel quickly mucked his hand and Romero raked in

Justin Bonomo Picks Off Sam Soverel’s River Bluff

We picked up the three-way action on a board of [2dKcQd4c] with about 23,000 in the pot. After Erik Seidel checked, Justin Bonomo bet 15,000, getting a call from Sam Soverel and a fold from Seidel. The [Jd] completed the board. Bonomo then checked-called the 28,000 river bet from Soverel who tabled

Joseph Orsino Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Jake Schindler opened the action from under the gun to 3,500. Erik Seidel was next to act and called. Action folded to Joseph Orsino in the cutoff who three-bet to 15,000. The blinds folded and the action was back on Schindler who mucked his cards. Seidel thought it over before cutting

Erik Seidel Eliminated in 13th Place ($18,000)

Joseph Orsino raised to 55,000 in middle position and Erik Seidel moved all in from the small blind for 170,000. Orsino called. Orsino: [AsKs] Seidel: [QcQh] The flop landed [3s6s8s] to give Orsino a flush, and when the turn and river landed the [Jh] and [2c], Seidel was eliminated in 13th place for

Seidel Fires on Every Street to Take Down Big Pot

Erik Seidel raked yet another massive pot, improving the likelihood that he will be among those seated at the final table of Event #1. The action began pre-flop when Alex Foxen raised to 27,000. Seidel raised that total to 75,000 and Foxen called to see a flop. The flop produced [2dAc5h]. Foxen

Seidel Stays Aggressive

Erik Seidel continues to make aggressive moves as the 90-entrant field in the $10,000 buy-in of Event #1 of the 2019 U.S. Poker Open approaches a final table. Reigning Open champion Stephen Chidwick found himself in the wrong spot when he raised to 22,000 pre-flop. Eli Berg four-bet the action to

Manig Loeser Doubles Through Erik Seidel

When we picked up action between Manig Loeser and Erik Seidel, Seidel had just re-raised Loeser's flop bet to 75,000. With [8d2dQd] showing and 175,000 in chips, Loeser just smooth called. When the turn was a [6s], Seidel bet another 65,000. At that point, Loeser moved all in for 127,000 and

Erik Seidel Takes Control on the Flop

James Romero induced three-way action when he raised the 4,000/8,000 blinds to 17,000 preflop from the hijack position. Romero received two callers, including eight-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Erik Seidel, who came along from the big blind. Romero continued on the flop of [7dJc4s] by betting an additional 21,000.