Norman Chad’s Big Week

Norman Chad

On Monday night, the first season of The Big Blind on PokerGO came to its epic conclusion with a three-way battle between Norman Chad, Alex Jacob, and Ben Yu. Relive that entire battle on PokerGO right here or keep reading to get Chad's thoughts on the show, the outcome of

Eric Rodawig Eliminated in 6th Place

Omaha Hi-Lo Action folded to Eric Rodawig in the small blind, and he raised to 40,000. Chris Vitch called, and the flop landed [2hTc4s]. Rodawig bet out 20,000, and Vitch raised to 40,000. Rodawig called, and then checked the [7d] on the turn. Vitch bet 40,000, and after thinking for around 25 seconds,

Eric Rodawig Doubles Through Randy Ohel

No-Limit Hold'em Brandon Adams opened with a raise to 14,000 and Randy Ohel three-bet on the button to 45,000. From the small blind, Eric Rodawig shoved for 115,000, and after Adams folded, Ohel called. Ohel: [KsQd] Rodawig: [AcKc] The board ran out [9c7h3hQhAh] and Rodawig doubled through.

Brandon Adams and Eric Rodawig Chop

Omaha Hi-Lo Eric Rodawig raised to 24,000 on the button and Brandon Adams three-bet to 36,000. Rodawig called, and when the flop landed [3hJhKc], he called a bet of 12,000 from Adams. The turn fell the [6c] and Adams bet 24,000 and Rodawig raised. Adams called, and then led out when the

Another Double for Eric Rodawig

No-Limit Hold'em Chris Vitch opened the cutoff to 6,500 and Justin Bonomo three-bet to 16,000 from the button. Eric Rodawig moved all in from the big blind for 56,600, and after Vitch folded, Bonomo called. Bonomo: [KdTs] Rodawig: [8c8d] The board ran out [7c9s4cJh5d] and Rodawig secured his third consecutive double.

Eric Rodawig Doubles Through Chris Vitch

No-Limit Hold'em Eric Rodawig shoved the button for 23,000 and Chris Vitch called in the small blind. Rodawig: [Ac7s] Vitch: [ThTc] The board ran out [3cTs5sKs9s] to see Rodawig river a flush to double through against Vitch's set.

Eric Rodawig Doubles Through Justin Bonomo

Omaha Hi-Lo Justin Bonomo raised his button to 12,000 and Eric Rodawig called all in from the big blind for 11,500. Bonomo: [9h9s3c2s] Rodawig: [KhTd9c7s] The board ran out [JcKc7hThQs] and Rodawig collected the double.

Eric Rodawig Scoops Nicholas Seiken

Stud Hi-Lo Nicholas Seiken completed to 4,000 and Randy Ohel raised. Eric Rodawig made it 12,000, and both Seiken and Ohel called. Rodawig proceeded to bet fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh streets with Seiken calling down while Ohel dropped out on fifth street. Seiken: [XxXx] / [Ah7h4d7s] / [Xx] Ohel: [XxXx] / [AcJhTd] (folded

Nicholas Seiken Doubles Through Eric Rodawig

No-Limit Hold'em Nicholas Seiken shoved all in from the button for 15,500 and Eric Rodawig called in the big blind. Seiken: [Qd7d] Rodawig: [Kh7c] The board ran out [2dAs2c8dTd] and Seiken rivers a flush to double through.