Sergi Reixach Wins British Poker Open Event #6 for £253,000

After one of the most bizarre, topsy-turvy final days of the 2019 British Poker Open or indeed any event, Spanish player Sergi Reixach took full advantage of the swings to become Event #6 champion and put himself in the running for the overall leaderboard winner a week from today. A THREE

Fox Doubles Through Adams

Elio Fox moved all-in for 450,000 with [Ah5h] and Timothy Adams used his time bank extension, eventually calling with [KsJc]. It was a 60/40 fight, and Fox smiled before the five community cards, telling the table he felt good and on the flop of [3h7hAc] he still did. The [8c] and

Fox Doubles Back Through Reixach

Elio Fox moved all-in with [QcJd] for 205,000 and Sergi Reixach found the call from his big blind with [Qd5d] for the 450,000-chip pot. The flop of [7dKc2h] saw Fox hold onto the lead and despite his "Jack, no sweat" call, his luck held through the turn of [6h], which meant

Imsirovic Doubles Through Reixach

Imsirovic made it 150,000 to go with [KdJs] and was just called by Sergi Reixcah with [8c8h]. The flop of [3c6dJc] saw Imsirovic put the rest of his stack in (75,000). Reixach was getting good odds but was a 13% dog in the hand. He made the call! The [2s] turn helped

Fox Doubles Reixach

In the next hand, Elio Fox moved all-in for 655,000 with [8h6d] and was called for his stack of 370,000 by Sergi Reixach with [Ah9d]. The board of [AsJsQc8c7s] flirted with the most dramatic of runner-runner reverses, but pre-flop favorite Reixach survive. Both Ali Imsirovic and Elio Fox and now under 10

Three-Way Sees Everyone Survive

Michael Zhang was all-in pre-flop for 190,000 chips with [9c9h] and he was called by a re-shove for 310,000 by Ali Imsirovic with [KdJc]  and then Timothy Adams, the chip leader with 1.1 million and holding just  [6d2c] Flop of [6hQcKh] put Zhang in massive trouble, but the [9s] turn gave Zhang

Fox Retakes Chip Lead

Elio Fox has gone from chip leader at the start of play to short stack an hour ago. Now he's regained his start-of-day stack to become chip leader again. Sergi Reixach called with [AdQs] and so too did Imsirovic with [Jd5c] and Fox with [Kc4h] in the blinds. The flop of [2dKd8d]

Imsirovic Doubles Through Reixach

Ali Imsirovic moved all-in for 265,000 with [Ah5c] and when he was called by Sergi Reixach with [KhTh], he decided to go on a alk around the table, shaking hands and wishing everyone luck. It's the high roller equivalent of patting those pockets for your wallet and keys, don't you