One for Justin Liberto

Dylan Linde raised to 18,000 from the hijack, the player on the button called and Justin Liberto called from the big blind. They checked to the turn of a [9d8s6c5c] board where Liberto bet 17,000. Only Linde called. The river was the [8h], Liberto bet 37,000 and Linde folded.

Dylan Linde Goes Uncalled on the River

Catching the action on the [3hTc8cKh] board, both Dylan Linde in the cutoff and his opponent in middle position committed 120,000 each to see the [2d] land on the river. The action checked to Linde, and he bet out 275,000 and his opponent folded.

Two Pair for Chance Kornuth

No-Limit Hold'em Dylan Linde raised the button to 3,500 and Chance Kornuth defended his big blind. The [Jc8s9sTsTc] board checked through to the river where Kornuth tabled his [Ac8d] and Linde mucked.

Linde Calls Leng Down with Doyle’s Favorite Hand

Ryan Leng just raised under the gun to 4,500 and Dylan Linde called from the big blind. The flop brought out [6c4dTs] and Linde check-called a bet of 11,500. The turn brought the [Qh] and Linde checked again. This time Leng fired out 30,500 and after a pause, Linde called. The board