Dennis Blieden Eliminated by Chris Hunichen

Dennis Blieden shoved all in for 81,000 from the button and Chris Hunichen called in the small blind. Blieden: [Ad9s] Hunichen: [QdQc] The board ran out [JsJc3h6sKc] and Blieden was eliminated.

Dennis Blieden Makes Correct Decision Against Chris Hunichen

We caught the action on the river with a board of [6c4h2d9s7d] and Chris Hunichen, the big stack, put short-stacked Dennis Blieden all-in. Blieden used two time extension chips before showing the [7h] and releasing his hand. Hunichen then showed the [9d]. Blieden celebrated correctly folding. "Only because I love you," Hunichen

Dennis Blieden Can’t Convince Chris Hunichen to Double Him Up

Chris Hunichen raised to start the hand to 9,000 and then it folded over to Dennis Blieden in the big blind. He opted to three-bet to 24,000 and his opponent called. The flop was [5dAs8h]. Blieden led out for 22,000 and Hunichen called. The turn was the [4c]. Blieden bet 55,000,

Chris Hunichen Raises Out Dennis Blieden

On a board of [Qs5h5s3d] with 27,500 in the middle, Dennis Blieden bet out 20,000 from middle position and Chris Hunichen called on the button. The river landed the [Qh] and Blieden cut out a bet of 55,500. Hunichen announced 130,000, and Blieden mucked.

Nick Schulman Wins the Preflop War

Action folded to Nick Schulman, and he raised it to 7,000 from the button. Jason Koon folded his small blind, but Dennis Blieden re-raised it to 51,000 from his big blind. Schulman then announced "All in." Blieden asked for a count, and once the dealer confirmed the amount of 202,500, Blieden then used

Dennis Blieden Ready to Play Tight

Jason Koon opened to 7,000 in middle position and Dennis Blieden three-bet to 16,000 next to act in the cutoff. From the small blind, Chris Hunichen cold four-bet to 42,000, and after Koon folded, Blieden thought for a little and then folded. "Back to being tight I guess," announced Blieden after the

Dennis Blieden Shoves the Turn

After action folded around to Dennis Blieden, he raised to 5,000 from the button, only to get three-bet by Ali Ismirovic from his small blind. Blieden made the call. Ismirovic led out for 12,000 on the [5cQhTc] flop and Blieden called. Ismirovic then bet again on the [4d] turn, this time for

Ali Imsirovic Coolers Dennis Blieden

Nick Schulman raised to 3,000 pre-flop and was called by the blinds - Dennis Blieden and Ali Imsirovic. The flop ran out [6d2hTd] and Blieden made the unconventional play in 2019 to bet out for 4,000. Imsirovic raised to 14,000. Schulman got out of the way and Blieden made the

Ali Imsirovic Rivers Trips

Jason Koon raised on the button to 3,000 and was called by the blinds - Dennis Blieden and Ali Imsirovic. The flop came [4sJs7h] and all three players checked. They checked again on the turn of [5h] and then when the [5s] appeared on the river, Imsirovic bet 10,000. Koon