Odd Poker Superstitions

poker superstitions

Every player has poker superstition, in fact, poker superstitions have been a part of the game since the first time a player touched their lucky rabbit's foot, crossed their fingers and toes and pushed their chip stack over the line, probably with some physical difficulty. But what are your favorite

Femi Fashakin Doubles Through David Peters

Femi Fashakin raised all in for 365,000 from the cutoff and David Peters called from the big blind. Fashakin: [KdQd] Peters: [Ah9h] The board ran out [Ad5dAc6d8d], giving Fashakin a flush to double through Peters.

Iurii Pasiuk vs. David Peters

On a board of [8hJhQh4d2c] with roughly 615,000 in the middle, David Peters bet out 450,000 from middle position. Iurii Pasiuk is on the button, and he used a time extension before he called. Peters tabled his [AcAd], but Pasiuk revealed his [4h4s] for a set to take the pot.

Kathy Lehne Goes Uncalled on the River

David Peters raised to 27,000 from middle position and Kathy Lehne defended her big blind. The flop landed [8h2cAs] and Lehne check-called a bet of 18,000. The turn fell the [9c] and both players checked as the [Qc] filled the board on the river. Lehne bet out 75,000 and Peters folded.