Darya Krashennikova Eliminated

When we arrived, Darya Krashennikova was standing up shooting the action on her phone. She was all in from first position holding [QcQh] up against the [AcJd] of big blind Ivan Luca. Unfortunately for Krashennikova, the flop came [JhAh7c] giving Luca top two. Krashennikova needed a queen or running straight cards

Darya Krashennikova Getting Shorter

The hijack opened and big blind Darya Krashennikova called. She checked on [6d5cQd] and called the 26,000-bet that followed. A similar pattern was seen on the [Th] turn with Krashennikova checking, the hijack betting (75,000,) and Krashennikova calling. Krashennikova checked for the third time on the [2c] river and her opponent bet