Elias Bounces Off the Ropes

Three hands may have shaped the tournament for Darren Elias, who first bet 5,000 into the pot of 15,000 on a [9hJcKh] flop. Cary Katz called with [Kc3c] and on the [2h] turn, Katz tossed in a bet of 13,000, and Katz took it down as Elias slid his cards

Peters and Chidwick Chop Up Elias’ Chips

Stephen Chidwick raised to 9,000 with [Qs9s] and David Peters called with [Th9h], with Darren Elias calling too with [8h5h]. The flop of [2h6h2c] saw Elias check, but Chidwick bet 20,000. Peters called the bet and Elias followed suit. The turn of [9d] prompted a bet of 40,000 from Stephen Chidwick, and

Ace-High Check-Down Win for Darren Elias

Darren Elias raised his button to 10,000 and David Peters called in the big blind. The [6hJs7c8d7d] board checked through to the river where Peters tabled his [Kd2c]. However, it was Elias' [As9h] that earned him the pot.

Ali Imsirovic Wins on the Turn

Darren Elias raised to 8,000 from under the gun and both Ali Imsirovic and Mikita Badziakouski called from the cutoff and big blind. The flop landed [7s6cQc] and both Badziakouski and Elias checked. Imsirovic bet 8,000, and after Badziakouski called, Elias folded. The turn fell the [Jc] and Badziakouski checked. Imsirovic bet

Darren Elias Flops Top Pair on Mikita Badziakouski

Mikita Badziakouski limped the small blind and Darren Elias checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [4cJhTd] and Badziakouski bet out 3,000 and Elias called. The turn fell the [Ah] and Badziakouski bet 12,000 and Elias called. The [7h] on the river checked through and Elias tabled his [Jd3d]

Ali Imsirovic vs. Darren Elias

Ali Imsirovic raised to 7,000 from under the gun and Darren Elias defended his big blind. The flop landed [9cTs7c] and Elias checked to Imsirovic who continued for 9,000. Elias called, and when the turn landed the [6d], he led for 15,000. Imsirovic called, and when the river fell the [2c], Elias

Darren Elias Finds a Pair on the River

Darren Elias raised his button to 7,500 and David Peters called from the big blind. The flop landed [Tc7cKh] and after Peters checked, Elias bet 12,000. Peters called, and then the [8d] and [Qc] checked through on the turn and river. Peters tabled his [9s8s], but it would be Elias' [QsJs] that

Flop Bet Win for Darren Elias

Darren Elias raised to 7,000 in the hijack, and both David Peters and Sam Greenwood called from the button and small blind. The flop landed [9c8c5d] and Greenwood checked. Elias bet 11,000, and both Peters and Greenwood folded.

Four Ways to Win

Four ways to the flop for 4,500 chips apiece, the flop of [2c7cKc] was actually a deal that missed everyone, with Darren Elias [3c3d] a favorite to win the hand thanks to the club in his hand, with no-one else holding one. Everyone - Elias, Sam Greenwood with pocket fours, Stephen

Greenwood Doubles Up Through Elias

Sam Greenwood made it 5,000 to see a flop with [AhKh] and Darren Elias raised to 16,000 with [JhJs]. Greenwood saw everyone else fold and made it 38,000 with a four-bet and the heat - and the cameras - were back on the four-time WPT Main Event winner Elias. After sliding in