Flink Flushes Tsang Early

Robert Flink puts himself in strong contention for the British Poker Open title with a second place finish.

Anson Tsang with the [Tc9c] and Robert Flink holding [Qd6d] went into battle on the river of what had been a fairly slow board of [Jd7c9h9d7d]. Tsang checked his full house on the river, but Flink bet 175,000 and Tsang was put to a very early, yet important, decision. A call

Welcome to the Final Table of Event #4: £10,000 Short Stack

With five players waiting in the wings, we're almost ready for the kick-off of the final table of Event #4 here at Aspers Casino in London. With just four players paid, we enter pay on the bubble, with one of the fabulous five remaining players about to leave with nothing. They'll

Tang Doubles Through Greenwood

Aaron Tang was just all in for 200,000 and up against Sam Greenwood. Greenwood: [AdKs] Tang: [KcTh] The board ran out [7cQsTc6s6c] and Tang stayed in the tournament.

Strange Situation Leaves Tang Crippled

Cary Katz just limped after which Danny Tang raised to 500,000 with 200,000 left behind. The action folded back to Katz who called, thinking Tang was all in, and exposed his cards, [AdAc]. Tang immediately exposed his cards, [AsQd] despite him being not all in just yet. As the dust settled

Lim Doubles Through Lee

Sam Greenwood raised to 45,000 and Hok Yiu Lee moved all in after which Chin Wei Lim called all in for 200,000 and Greenwood folded. Lim: [AcJs] Lee: [TsTh] The board ran out [Qh9dKhAh8h] and Tang found himself a double up by making a flush.

Dream Flop Delivers Triple Up for Danny Tang

After Sergey Lebedev called the double ante for 10,000, Danny Tang moved all in for roughly 140,000. Sam Greenwood moved all in over the top and when it folded back to Lebedev, he called all in for a little more than Tang had left. Tang: [KsTs] Lebedev: [JsJh] Greenwood: [AcQh] The board ran out

Danny Tang Eliminated

Down to just 9,000 chips, Danny Tang was just sent to the rail. Sam Grafton raised to 12,000 and was called by Cary Katz in the small blind before Tang committed his last chips from the big blind. The board ran out [8cKc5c6dQs] on which both Katz and Grafton checked all