Weekend Binge Watch – The Randall Emmett Experience

Randall Emmett & Lala Kent walking into the Rio during the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event.

A little more than a year ago, the poker world became familiar with the flamboyant, talkative, high-energy, and fearless Randall Emmett. Over the course of Poker After Dark's exciting run since its return in the summer of 2017, Emmett is among the players that have the most appearances on the

Daniel Weinand Eliminated by Nick Petrangelo

Cary Katz opened from under the gun to 30,000 and action folded to Nick Petrangelo in the small blind who moved all in. Daniel Weinand was next to act in the big blind and he moved all in for less with about 450,000. Katz folded and the cards were tabled. Petrangelo: [AdQh] Weinand:

Erik Seidel vs. Daniel Weinand

Daniel Weinand limped the small blind and Erik Seidel checked his option in the big. The flop landed [4d3cQc] and Weinand checked to Seidel who bet 5,000. Weinand called, and then checked the [Jd] on the turn. Seidel bet 14,000, and Weinand folded.

Elio Fox Eliminated by Erik Seidel

Daniel Weinand raised to 4,500 in the hijack and Elio Fox called in the cutoff. From the small blind, Erik Seidel three-bet to 24,000, and after Weinand folded, Fox called. The flop landed [4s7h8c] and Seidel led out for 27,500. Fox called, and when the turn landed the [6d], Seidel checked. Fox

Elio Fox Bets Out Jake Schindler on the River

Jake Schindler raised to 4,500 from under the gun and was called by Daniel Weinand and Elio Fox both next to act, along with Manig Loeser and Jared Jaffee from the blinds. The flop landed [3dTc9c] and Loeser and Jaffee checked to Schindler who continued for 8,000. Weinand folded, Fox called, and

Ricky Guan’s Aggression Takes it Down

Ricky Guan opened to 3,500 from middle position and the action folded to Daniel Weinand in the big blind who made the call. The flop came [AcTs3s] and Weinand checked it over to Guan who continued for 2,500. The turn came the [7c] and Weinand checked again. Guan thought it over before cutting

Player Spotlight: Daniel Weinand

Daniel Weinand’s poker journey has come a long way since he played his first World Series of Poker tournament during the summer of 2016. He didn’t cash in that event. In fact, he finished 375 out of 2,450 players, which just missed the bubble. But what he missed out on in

Jordan Cristos Finds Magic on the River

Lauren Roberts raised to 10,000 from the hijack and Jordan Cristos shoved all in for 158,000 from the cutoff. Daniel Weinand called in the small blind, and Roberts called all in for 108,000. Roberts: [9s9c] Cristos: [8c8d] Weinand: [AcQc] The dealer spread the [4s3h6hAs8h] board and Cristos spiked a set on the river to near-triple