Daniel Weinand Eliminated in 14th Place

Daniel Weinand jammed all in for roughly 170,000 from under the gun and Ralph Wong called in the small blind. Weinand: [AhQd] Wong: [KcKd] The board ran out [Th8cKhAcAs] and Weinand was eliminated in 14th place.

King-High River Call for Matthias Eibinger

On a board of [6d6hAd2s4h] with roughly 75,000 in the middle, Daniel Weinand bets out 25,000 from under the gun. Matthias Eibinger is next to act, and he uses three time extensions before calling. Weinand tables his [8c7c], and Eibinger tabled his [KdTd] to collect the pot.

Chance Kornuth Over 400k with Set of Treys

Matthias Eibinger raised to 9,000 from under the gun and Chance Kornuth called on the button. Andras Nemeth and Daniel Weinand both called in the blinds and the flop landed [QcJd3d]. Action checked to Kornuth, and he bet 18,000. Nemeth called, and both Weinand and Eibinger folded as the turn landed

Alex Foxen Forced to Add-On by Daniel Weinand

From the cutoff, Alex Foxen moved all in for roughly 100,000 and Daniel Weinand iso-shoved from the button. Foxen: [Ks9c] Weinand: [JdTh] The board ran out [KhJhJsAdAc] and Foxen was forced to use one of his add-ons.

Daniel Weinand Makes Matthew Stone Add-On

Daniel Weinand limped in and Matthew Stone shoved for 94,000. Action folded back to Weinand, and he called. Weinand: [JdTh] Stone: [9h9s] The board ran out [8cTd6cAd6h] and Weinand collected the pot as Stone was forced to use his first add-on.

Monster Pot to Daniel Weinand

Catching the action with the flop spread [Kh7h8s], Alex Foxen was all in for the main pot that sat at around 370,000 holding [AcKs] while Daniel Weinand was at-risk for the side pot of 8,000 holding [Th9h]. Cary Katz had both players at risk with his [8d8c]. The turn of the [Td]

Jonathan Depa Finds 4 Callers to His Shove; Chops with Alex Foxen

From first position, Jonathan Depa shoved all in for 19,000. Erik Seidel folded, but Cary Katz, Anthony Zinno, Alex Foxen, and Daniel Weinand all called. The [TcAh6d] flop checked through to reveal the [Kh] on the turn. Action checked to Foxen in the cutoff, and he shoved for his 70,000 and

Weekend Binge Watch – The Randall Emmett Experience

Randall Emmett & Lala Kent walking into the Rio during the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event.

A little more than a year ago, the poker world became familiar with the flamboyant, talkative, high-energy, and fearless Randall Emmett. Over the course of Poker After Dark's exciting run since its return in the summer of 2017, Emmett is among the players that have the most appearances on the

Daniel Weinand Eliminated by Nick Petrangelo

Cary Katz opened from under the gun to 30,000 and action folded to Nick Petrangelo in the small blind who moved all in. Daniel Weinand was next to act in the big blind and he moved all in for less with about 450,000. Katz folded and the cards were tabled. Petrangelo: [AdQh] Weinand:

Erik Seidel vs. Daniel Weinand

Daniel Weinand limped the small blind and Erik Seidel checked his option in the big. The flop landed [4d3cQc] and Weinand checked to Seidel who bet 5,000. Weinand called, and then checked the [Jd] on the turn. Seidel bet 14,000, and Weinand folded.