Stephen Chidwick Cracks Aces, Doubles Through Dan Cates

Stephen Chidwick moved all in on the button for 60,000 and Dan Cates called out of the small blind. Cates showed [ad][ah] and was in fantastic shape against Chidwick, who was in for his last add-on chip, who tabled [qd][jd]. The flop was [kd][qs][5c], giving Chidwick some hope with a backdoor

Alex Foxen and Daniel Cates Trade Blows

On a flop of [jh][5d][3h], Daniel Cates checked from the big blind and Alex Foxen bet 5,500 on the button. Cates called. The turn was the [9d] and Cates checked again. Foxen bet 22,000 and Cates called. The river was the [kd] and Cates checked for a third time. Foxen bet