Stephen Chidwick Cracks Aces, Doubles Through Dan Cates

Stephen Chidwick moved all in on the button for 60,000 and Dan Cates called out of the small blind. Cates showed [ad][ah] and was in fantastic shape against Chidwick, who was in for his last add-on chip, who tabled [qd][jd]. The flop was [kd][qs][5c], giving Chidwick some hope with a backdoor

Alex Foxen and Daniel Cates Trade Blows

On a flop of [jh][5d][3h], Daniel Cates checked from the big blind and Alex Foxen bet 5,500 on the button. Cates called. The turn was the [9d] and Cates checked again. Foxen bet 22,000 and Cates called. The river was the [kd] and Cates checked for a third time. Foxen bet

Brunson, Robl, Hansen Headline Super High Roller Cash Game

Before Poker After Dark's reboot, before the expansion of High Roller Triple Crown events, and before PokerGO became the exclusive destination for the world's biggest events, the Super High Roller Cash Game created some of greatest action in televised poker history. This week, the Super High Roller Cash Game returns