Ali Imsirovic Adds USPO Event #5 To His Resume ($442,500)

Ali Imsirovic is third in Poker Masters following his $25,000 No Limit win. (Photo: Poker Central)

Ali Imsirovic is the fifth winner of the Poker Masters. Imsirovic topped 66 entrants to win the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em title to win $462,000 and 300 points toward the Poker Masters leaderboard. The final table aired on PokerGO with heavy hitters Brian Rast, Jason Koon, Ben Yu, Jake Schindler,

Dan Shak Eliminated by Rainer Kempe’s Set of Jacks

Action picked up on the turn with the community cards of [6s5dJd9d] and Rainer Kempe was firing out a bet of 33,000. Dan Shak then moved all-in and his opponent snap-called. Kempe: [JcJs] Shak: [TdTh] Needing a diamond that doesn't pair the board to stay alive, Shak watched the [2s] land on the

Ryan Riess’ Bluff Doesn’t Get Through Against Dan Shak

Ryan Riess raised in the cutoff to 4,000 and Dan Shak called on the button. The blinds folded and the two remaining players saw a flop of [6h4cQd]. They both checked and then watched the [Qc] appear on the turn. Riess bet out 4,000 and his opponent called. The river was

Dan Shak Eliminated by Nick Schulman

Stud Dan Shak had the bring-in and Nick Schulman completed next to act. Stephen Chidwick called, as did Shak. On fourth, Schulman bet after it checked to him, and after Chidwick folded, Shak called. On fifth, Schulman bet, Shak raised, Schulman made it three-bets and Shak committed his final 160,000 all in. Shak: [6c4c]

Dan Shak Makes an Eight-Seven on the End

2-7 Triple Draw Heading into the final draw, Stephen Chidwick bet 40,000 and Dan Shak called. Both players drew one, and after Chidwick checked, Shak bet 40,000. Chidwick called, and Shak tabled his [8x7x6x4x2x] and Chidwick mucked.

Dan Shak Takes Chip Lead from Nick Schulman

Stud Dan Shak had the bring-in and Nick Schulman completed next to act. Shak called, and then called down Schulman as he bet out on every street. Shak: [XxXx] / [2s7c3d9s] / [Xx] Schulman: [XxXx] / [7s2h4cAc] / [Xx] Schulman tabled his [Tc7h2c] for sevens-up, but it would be Shak's [Jc9c9d] for trips that

Justin Bonomo Eliminated by Dan Shak

Pot-Limit Omaha Justin Bonomo limped under the gun and Eric Rodawig called in the small blind. Dan Shak announced a raise of pot from the button making it 22,000, and after the blinds folded, Bonomo called and Rodawig folded. The flop landed [3h3c2h] and Bonomo check-shoved all in for a little less

Tens-Up for John Monnette

Stud Hi-Lo Dan Shak had the bring-in and John Monnette completed to 6,000. Shak called, and Monnette proceeded to bet every street thereafter with Shak calling him down. Shak: [XxXx] / [3c6dQcJd] / [Xx] Monnette: [XxXx] / [Ac5d5h4d] / [Xx] After betting seventh street dark and getting called, Monnette tabled his [TcTd9c] for tens-up.