Rewatch Week 7 of Friday Night Poker on YouTube and Facebook

Friday Night Poker is now available on YouTube and Facebook with the 13-episode season being reaired every Friday. Originally premiering on Stadium's Facebook Watch platform, Friday Night Poker is now available on PokerGO's YouTube channel and Facebook page for viewers to rewatch some highly entertaining cash game poker action from the

Dan Shak Wins on Fifth

Stud Hi-Lo Dan Shak had the bring-in and Stephen Chidwick completed. Isaac Baron called, as did Shak. Shak led on fourth and only Baron called, and when he bet fifth, Baron folded. Shak: [XxXx] / [2c7c6s] Chidwick: [XxXx] / [8cTd] (folded on fourth) Baron: [XxXx] / [7s4h8h]

Nick Salem Eliminated by Dan Shak

No-Limit Hold'em Dan Shak opened his button to 5,500 and Max Pescatori called in the small blind. From the big blind, Nick Salem moved all in for 13,000. Shak four-bet to 95,500, and Pescatori folded. Shak: [Ac6c] Salem: [Td8d] The board ran out [7dQcTcQh3c] and Salem was eliminated.

Turn Bet Win for Max Pescatori

Omaha Hi-Lo Cary Katz raised to 8,000 in the cutoff and Eli Elezra called on the button. Both Dan Shak and Max Pescatori came along from the blinds as the [9s7c8s] flop checked through. The turn landed the [9h] and after Shak checked, Pescatori bet 8,000. Katz, Elezra, and Shak all folded,

Ten-Eight Low for Dan Shak in Razz

Razz Cary Katz had the bring-in and Dan Shak completed. Nick Salem raised, and after Katz folded, Shak called. Shak took the betting lead on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets with Salem calling each time. Shak: [XxXx] / [4x3xTx5x] / [Xx] Salem: [XxXx] / [7x8xKx6x] / [Xx] On seventh, both players checked, and Shak tabled

John Cynn Triples, Brandon Adams Wins Big Side Pot

In first position, Brandon Adams shoved all in for 429,000 before Dan Shak shoved over the top for 508,000. From the button, John Cynn called all in for 100,000. Cynn: [JhJs] Adams: [Qc8c] Shak: [AdQs] The board ran out [JcTcTd7h9s] and Cynn scooped the main pot to triple up, while Adams won the side