Was Will Kassouf Good for Poker or Bad For Poker?

The 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event will forever be remembered as the year where Will Kassouf's antics turned him into one of the most controversial figures in the game. Kassouf's fans will celebrate his table chatter, needling, and constant jabbing as entertaining and fun to watch while his

Scott Margereson Takes a Ton From Cliff Josephy

With about 640,000 in the pot and the board reading [6hAc5d8c8s], Scott Margereson bet 650,000 from the small blind and Cliff Josephy called from the cutoff. Margereson tabled [5c5s] for fives full of eights, Josephy mucked and Margereson collected the pot.

Cliff Josephy vs. Scott Margereson

Cliff Josephy raised from early position, Scott Margereson three-bet to 64,000 from the cutoff and Josephy called. The flop came down [AsJc9s], Josephy checked, Margereson continued for 75,000 and Josephy folded.

Kelly Minkin Sparks Day 5 Action on PokerGO

Another day at the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event brought more highlights to the PokerGO stage on Day 5. Moving day started with 310 players remaining from the 7,874 who entered and Barry Hutter in the lead. The chip lead changed hands many times throughout the day and Kelly Minkin

2016 WSOP Main Event: Hand of the Year

To supplement PokerGO's weekly World Series of Poker Main Event episode releases, the top hands from each year will be posted on Poker Central's YouTube page and social media accounts. Those hands will then battle for the right to be dubbed "Hand of the Year." Check out 2016's best hands