Suarez Up to Maximum Lead So Far in the Heads Up

Both players flopped top pair as [qh7d2d] came down while Anton Suarez on the button held [qc8d] and big blind Christian Rudolph held [qsts].  Rudolph led the flop for 13,000,000, called by Suarez.  He checked the [js] turn, and called when Suarez bet [40,000,000].  On the [qd] river - a

Heads Up Play on Fast Forward

It's almost impossible to keep up with the speed of play - we've never seen a heads up with a $1,000,000 first prize play out as if everyone was out of timebank cards and the shot clock was five seconds. An overview of recent exchanges: Christian Rudolph got 20,000,000 worth of value

Suarez Pulls Away

Christian Rudolph took his turn raising his button with [kh2s] to 10,000,000, called by big blind Anton Suarez with [qcth]. Suarez hit top pair on the [jd9cqd] flop and proceeded to check the streets down.  Rudolph fired 12,000,000 on the flop, and another 38,000,000 on the [3h] turn.  He gave

Pace of Play Extraordinarily Quick

The big blind ante has been done away with heads up.  So far there have been no huge pots, mainly a trade of small raises which take the chips either preflop or on the flop.  That's not to say there's no action - Anton Suarez is acting within seconds at

Romero Drops To Third in Chips

Another limp-check small to big blind started this hand, James Romero calling with [9h7c], Christian Rudolph opting to see the flop with [Qhts].  Romero check-called Rudolph's 5,500,000 bet on the [4hth8c] flop, then led out big for 28,000,000 on the [8s] turn.  After a pause, Rudolph made the call.  The

Rudolph Makes Inroads into Suarez’s Stack

The chip lead has changed hands after a big pot between button Anton Suarez and big blind Christian Rudolph.  Suarez raised to 7,000,000 with [qhqd]; Rudolph defended with [9c6c].  Rudolph check-raised the [8s7h2h] flop - 7,500,000 to 23,000,000 - with his open-ended straight draw and Suarez made the call. The turn

Suarez Monster Stacked After Rivered Flush v. Flush

The two chip leaders went at it in a pot that ended up propelling Anton Suarez into a big chip lead.  Christian Rudolph in the cutoff with [9s8s] picked up caller Suarez on the button with [ksjs] preflop.  He spiked a nine on the [9d4s2h] and check-called through the turned