Brandon Adams Over 1.25 Million

Razz Randy Ohel completed and both Brandon Adams and Chris Vitch called. On fourth, Adams bet out, Vitch called, and Ohel raised. Adams made it three bets to go, and Vitch folded while Ohel called. Ohel led out on fifth and Adams called, and on sixth, Adams bet and Ohel called. Ohel: [XxXx]

Brandon Adams Fires Off Bets to Soar to 900k

No-Limit Hold'em Brandon Adams opened to 28,000 in the cutoff and Chris Vitch called on the button. The flop landed [JcQd5c] and Adams bet 55,000 and Vitch called. The turn fell the [3s] and Adams bet out 135,000 and Vitch called as the [7h] landed on the river. Adams bet 175,000, and Vitch used

Player Spotlight: Chris Vitch

Chris Vitch is back at the U.S. Poker Open and he’s on a mission to avenge a runner-up finish that denied him the title of 2018 USPO Mixed Game Champion. Stephen Chidwick beat Vitch heads up to win the mixed-game title at the 2018 USPO. While Chidwick is on another incredible

Nick Schulman vs. Chris Vitch

Stud Nick Schulman had the bring-in and Chris Vitch completed next to act. Action folded to Schulman and he called as both players checked through fourth street. On fifth, Vitch bet and Schulman called, and on sixth street Vitch check-folded to a bet from Schulman. Schulman: [XxXx] / [5cJs3h9s] Vitch: [XxXx] / [Ad6s3dQs]

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated by Stephen Chidwick

Pot-Limit Omaha Phil Hellmuth moved all in before the flop for 49,500 and got called by Chris Vitch and Stephen Chidwick. The flop was [8h7s3s]. Chidwick moved in for the rest of his stack and was called by Vitch. The three players showed their hands. Hellmuth: [AcKdQc9s] Chidwick: [AsKsQd2d] Vitch: [9h9c7h6c] Vitch was ahead with nines

Eric Rodawig Doubles Through Chris Vitch

No-Limit Hold'em Eric Rodawig shoved the button for 23,000 and Chris Vitch called in the small blind. Rodawig: [Ac7s] Vitch: [ThTc] The board ran out [3cTs5sKs9s] to see Rodawig river a flush to double through against Vitch's set.

Brian Rast Eliminated by Chris Vitch

Pot-Limit Omaha Stephen Chidwick limped the button and Brian Rast called in the small blind as Chris Vitch checked his option. The flop landed [2d8c7c] and Rast bet out 10,500. Vitch raised to 25,000 and Chidwick folded. Rast committed his 28,000 total and Vitch called. Vitch: [Tc8s4c3h] Rast: [As9h8h6c] The turn and river landed the

Number 12 for Stephen Chidwick

2-7 Triple Draw Stephen Chidwick raised to 6,000 from the cutoff and Chris Vitch called in the big blind as both players drew two. Vitch bet and Chidwick called as both players drew one. Vitch checked, Chidwick bet, and Vitch called. Vitch drew one as Chidwick stood pat on the final draw. Vitch bet

Chris Vitch Shoves River on Brian Rast

No-Limit Hold'em Brian Rast opened the button to 4,000 and Chris Vitch called from the big blind. The flop landed [6c7d4s] and Vitch checked to Rast who bet 7,500. Vitch called, and then checked the [Kh] on the turn. Rast bet 18,000, and Vitch called as the [3h] completed the board on the

Pair of Jacks for Anthony Zinno

Stud Dan Shak had the bring-in and Chris Vitch completed to 2,000. Anthony Zinno raised to 4,000, and after Shak folded, Vitch called. Vitch led fourth and Zinno called, and on fifth, Vitch led again. Zinno made it two bets, and Vitch called. On sixth, Zinno bet and Vitch called. Vitch: [XxXx] /