Chris Kruk Eliminated by Justin Bonomo

The final board read [3h][js][4h][kd][4c] and Chris Kruk bet his last 41,000 and Justin Bonomo called. Kruk tabled his [qd][3s], but it would be Bonomo's [ks][th] that earned him the elimination of Kruk.

Chris Kruk Uses His Final Add-On

On a flop of [js][tc][7d], Igor Kurganov checked from the big blind and Chris Kruk bet 11,500 from middle position. Kurganov check-raised all in and Kruk thought a little before calling. Kruk was all in for about 75,000 and tabled [kc][qs]. Kurganov showed [jh][7s] and is in the lead with top

Sean Winter Doubles Through Chris Kruk

On a flop of [9c][5c][2s], Sean Winter got all in for 24,500 out of the big blind against Chris Kruk in the cutoff. Kruk showed [kc][7c] and needed a king or a club against Kruk's [js][jh]. The turn was the [9s], keeping Kruk in the lead, but the river was the

Chris Kruk Finds Aces and a Double

Chris Kruk was all in for 56,500 in the cutoff against Sean Winter in the big blind. Kruk: [ah][ad] Winter: [ts][tc] The dealer spread a [4c][jh][7c][kc][2s] board and Kruk collected the double.

Ben Tollerene Outkicks Chris Kruk

On a flop of [ad][5d][3c], Chris Kruk checked from the big blind and Ben Tollerene bet 3,000 from under the gun. Igor Kurganov called on the button and Kruk called as well. The turn was the [ts] and Kruk checked again. Tollerene bet 12,500, Kurganov folded and Kruk called. The river

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t

Facts and figures. They make the world go around and, more often than not, tell a story without letting opinions or biases get in the way. Which numbers from the past week tell those stories and what quick opinions do we have? $1,605,950 - You should never judge a book by