Through the Lens: Big Names Fall on Day 6

There are just three tables remaining as we speak in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event and the remaining players' dreams of winning $10,000,000 are slowly becoming a reality. Day 6 was a long action-packed day of poker inside the Amazon room, as the field shrunk down to 35

Chris Hunichen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($858,000)

Chris Hunichen limped in for 80,000 from the button and David Peters raised to 320,000 from the big blind. Hunichen responded by shoving all in for 2,645,000 and Peters instantly called. Hunichen: [Ah8c] Peters: [9d9c] "Would you do the same? 30 bigs?" asked Hunichen to Peters once the cards were revealed. Peters acknowledged with

Chris Hunichen Bets Out David Peters on the Turn

Chris Hunichen limped the button for 80,000 and David Peters raised to 300,000 from the big blind. Hunichen quickly responded with a call as the dealer spread the [7h2d3s] flop. Peters continued for 230,000 and Hunichen called as the turn landed the [9h]. Peters was forced to use his last time extension bank

Chris Hunichen Bets the Turn and Wins

Chris Hunichen limped in for 60,000 total and David Peters checked his option. The flop landed [Kh3d7c] and Peters checked over to Hunichen who bet 60,000. Peters responded with a check-raise to 190,000 and Hunichen didn't take too long before making the call. The turn fell the [3h] and Peters checked to

Heads-Up Chip Counts

This and a $100,000 prize is what the 2019 U.S. Poker Open is all about!

Both David Peters and Chris Hunichen are taking a short break. When play resumes, the two will be battling for the $1,320,000 first-place prize and title of the U.S. Poker Open $100,000 Main Event Champion.

Keith Tilston Leads River Against Chris Hunichen

Chris Hunichen raised to 120,000 from the button and Keith Tilston called in the big blind. The flop landed [8s7dAd] and Tilston checked to Hunichen who continued for 100,000. Tilston called, and the turn landed the [2d] and both players checked. The river landed the [Ac] and Tilston led out for 175,000 and

Keith Tilston Shoves the Big Blind

Chris Hunichen limped the button for 60,000 and David Peters completed from the small blind. From the big blind, Keith Tilston moved all in for 1,270,000 total and Hunichen immediately asked for a count. Hunichen folded, as did Peters, and Tilston collected the pot.