Peters a Massive Chip Leader at the Break

David Peters raised to 24,000 with [AdTd] and the chip leader got folds all round, leading him to stack up the most chips as we go to the first break of the final table since streaming began. "He has a million more than second place!" as the PokerGO commentary team declared

Charlie Carrel Eliminated in 7th Place by David Peters

David Peters bet 18,000 and both Sam Greenwood and Charlie Carrel both called. The three players saw a flop of [2hJhAc] and Charlie Carrel had the best of with [AdJc], although David Peters hand of [QsTs] was sniffing around for a hint of Broadway. Carrell bet 18,000 and that snuffed out

Cary Katz Eliminated in 8th Place

Ali Imsirovic raised to 15,000 in early position and Charlie Carrel shoved all in for 225,000 from the button. Cary Katz called all in from the big blind for his last 61,000, and Imsirovic folded. Katz: [QsJs] Carrel: [3d3c] With Katz at-risk, the [7dJd2s] flop saw him take the lead with top pair.

Steve O’Dwyer Doubles Through Charlie Carrel

Steve O'Dwyer raised the cutoff and Charlie Carrel three-bet to 35,000 from the small blind. O'Dwyer moved all in for 124,000 and Carrel called. Carrel: [5c5s] O'Dwyer: [8s8h] The board ran out [QsKd6h7c3d] and O'Dwyer secured the double up.

Kahle Burns Eliminated by Charlie Carrel

(Hand detailed by Kahle Burns) Charlie Carrel opened the cutoff holding [AxKx] and Kahle Burns shoved all in for roughly 27 big blinds from the button holding [8x8x]. Action folded back to Carrel, and he called, and when the board brought a king, he would eliminate Burns.

Cary Katz vs. Charlie Carrel

Cary Katz limped the small blind and Charlie Carrel checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [Kd5s6h] and Katz check-called a bet of 1,500. The turn of the [As] checked through as the [Qd] completed the board on the river. Katz bet out 7,000 and Carrel folded.