Charles Kassin Eliminated in 11th Place ($60,000)

Daniel Rezaei raised to 2,000,000 from the button and Pablo Silva shoved from the small blind for 25,900,000. Charles Kassin called for his last 15,900,000 and Rezaei got out of the way as he let them fight it out. Kassin had [asks] against the [qsts] of Silva. The [ad8h2d] flop was great

Kassim Takes Another One Down

Charles Kassin raised from the cutoff to 1,075,000 and button Mariano Mir three-bet all in for 5,600,000. It folded back to Kassin who called. Mariano Mir: [6s6d] Charles Kassin: [adtc] The [kcqs4d] flop gave Kassin some extra outs. He locked it up on the [jc] turn and the [4s] completed the board. Kassin

Kassin Eliminates Blit

Charles Kassin raised to 1,075,000 from the hijack and cutoff Jacques Blit three-bet all in for 3,075,000. Everyone folded but Kassin called. Kassin had [js9s] and had two live cards against the [ahtd] of Blit. The board ran out [qs4c3d9h4h] and Blit was eliminated from the tournament. Blit cashed for $35,000 after finishing

Richard Dubini Busts

Lineu Penteado open-shoved from middle position for 3,825,000. His neighbor Richard Dubini over shoved and all other players got out of the way. Lineu Penteado: [AdAc] Richard Dubini: [AsKh] The board ran out [6d3d9c] [Tc] [2c] and Penteado doubled. The next hand, down to just 1.2 million, Richard Dubini shoved. Charles Kassin in the

Kassin Wins Massive Three-Way All-In

Charles Kassin raised from under the gun to 365,000 and the player on the button called. Small blind Kevin MacPhee pushed all in for about 3,000,000 and the player in the big blind pushed all in for about 4,200,000. Kassin quickly called as well with 3,450,000 and the player on