Set on Turn Gives Alex Foxen Huge Pot Against Cary Katz

We caught the action on the flop with the community cards showing [JhKd7s]. Alex Foxen bet 15,000 and then called when Cary Katz raised to 49,500. The turn was the [Ah] which turned out to be a sick card. Foxen checked and Katz followed suit. The river was the [6d]. Foxen

Sean Winter Check-Raises Rainer Kempe

Rainer Kempe raised to 7,000 in the cutoff and both Sean Winter and Cary Katz called from the blinds. The flop landed [5s4c7h] and both Winter and Katz checked to Kempe who continued for 16,000. Winter check-raised to 38,000 and after Katz folded, Kempe mucked.

Limp-Raise from Cary Katz

Cary Katz limped under the gun and Jake Schindler raised to 10,000 from the small blind. Sean Winter called from the big blind, and with the action back on Katz, and he made it 30,000. Schindler folded, Winter stared down Katz and then folded.

Two Pair for Cary Katz

Nick Petrangelo raised to 5,000 in the cutoff and Cary Katz defended his big blind. The flop landed [Th4h2d] and Katz check-called a bet of 4,000 from Petrangelo. The [Ac] and [Ah] on the turn and river checked through and Petrangelo tabled his [3s3h]. Katz revealed his [QhTd] and collected the pot.

Cary Katz Eliminated in 8th Place

Sean Winter raised to 60,000 from the cutoff before Cary Katz moved all in from the button for 320,000. The blinds folded, and Winter instantly called. Winter: [AhKc] Katz: [AhQh] The flop landed [3s7cAc] to see Katz still needing to find a queen to stay alive. The turn of the [As] gave Katz chop

Manig Loeser Eliminated by Cary Katz

Manig Loeser slid forward his last 45,000 from the cutoff and Cary Katz called in the big blind. Loeser: [JcJd] Katz: [QsJs] The board ran out [6d9cTs3dQd] and Loeser was eliminated in tenth-place.

Nick Schulman Jumps into U.S. Poker Open Contention with Mixed Game Win

Nick Schulman at the final table of the $25,000 Mixed Game Championship at the 2019 U.S. Poker Open.

There are two events remaining for players to earn points toward the overall USPO standings and the $100,000 added prize. Stephen Chidwick (540 points) has maintained his lead through eight events with Sean Winter (440 points) in second place. With his win, Nick Schulman (410) now sits just behind the two

Cary Katz Shoves on Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney opened under-the-gun for 30,000. Action folded around to Cary Katz in the big blind who moved all-in for 225,000. Kenney decided on a fold.

Dan Smith Eliminated as Cary Katz Triples Up After 3-Way All In

After Cary Katz went all in under the gun, action folded around to Dan Smith on the button, he then re-shoved all in over the top . Ryan Riess folded his small blind and Sean Winter called from his big blind, having both covered, and the three players tabled their hands, Katz: