Top Hands from the British Poker Open

Sam Grafton, Christoph Vogelsang, and Paul Newey were involved in some of the most exciting hands at the British Poker Open!

If there's one thing the 2019 British Poker Open provided, it was drama. Thankfully for PokerGO fans across the world watching the live poker events play out, there were hundreds of things that it provided. Tension, big bluffs, excitement, bad beats, and incredible poker plays... the action at Aspers Casino

Cary Katz Wins Super High Roller Bowl London (£2,100,000)

What a battle it has been but finally a winner has been crowned after a 10-hour final table that resulted in a win by Cary Katz who took home the first prize worth £2.1 million and with that the largest score of his career. Relive the entire final table of Super

Ali Imsirovic Eliminated in 2nd Place for £900,000

Cary Katz called with [Qs3s] and Ali Imsirovic raised to 150,000 with [ThTs], Katz quickly calling. It came [KcAs6s] on the flop. Imsirovic bet 35,000 and Katz called. The turn of [Tc] saw Imsirovic turn a set of tens and he bet out 250,000. Katz, with the flush and gutshot straight draw, made

Katz Grabs the Wheel

Ali Imsirovic limped the button and Cary Katz made it 155,00 to play. Imsirovic made the call. Katz: [Th9c] Imsirovic: [Tc6c] The flop of [4sTs8c] saw Katz bet 300,000. Over to Imsirovic, who called. A huge pot now building, the turn was the [Ah], changing nobody's hand strength. Katz bet again, this time

Nothing Between Them

Cary Katz raised to 250,000 with [Ad3h] on a board showing [Ac2c7c4d] where Ali Imsirovic had [4h2d]. The river [7h] saw Katz win the pot and go back int othe lead. All square after around an hour of heads-up play, Cary Katz moved all-in for 1.5m with pocket deuces in the next