Luc Greenwood Secures Double with Aces

Cary Katz holding [As8s] had called a three-bet (40,000) from button Luc Greenwood, seeing an enticing flop of [AdTsKs].  Greenwood, however, had flopped a set with [AhAc].  He bet 20,000 when Katz checked to him on the flop, then another 50,000 on a [3c] turn.  Katz called both here and

Katz Continues to Build

Cary Katz extended his early stack rise at the expense of Bryn Kenney after a pot with a strange start (it looked like he'd called with [4x6x] mistaking the need for an ante - he has been playing a lot of Short Deck, after all).  Katz hit a pair of

Katz’s Big Slick Limp Pays Off; He Doubles Through Adams

Moments after winning that huge pot against Jason, Koon, Tim Adams picked up [AhQc] in early position, opening to 11,000.  New neighbour Bryn Kenney called with [KdJd], as did cutoff Cary Katz with [AdKs].  Over to button Vicente Bosca Ramon who had another ace-and-paint combo - the [AcJh] - and

Cary Katz Eliminated in 9th Place

Short stack Cary Katz moved all in preflop on the button with [AcJh] for 500,000, called by Webster Lim in the big blind with [8c8d].  The board was paint-free: [9d7s4s5h2s] and Katz leaves his fourth final table this week without a payday.

Cary Katz Eliminated in 4th Place ($250,000)

Cary Katz jammed the cutoff for 910,000 holding [8h9c].  Lurking behind him was Sam Greenwood with [QhQc] and the second biggest stack: he got a call and failed to improve on a [Ac7sJdKcAh] board. Another final table and another almost-trophy for Katz, who has put on a bravura performance so far