David Brookshire Bets His Ten Against Calvin Anderson

2-7 Triple Draw David Brookshire raised his button to 20,000 and Calvin Anderson called in the big blind and drew three to Brookshire's one. Anderson check-called a bet and drew two as Brookshire drew one. Anderson checked, Brookshire bet, and Anderson called. Both players stood pat and Anderson checked. Brookshire bet, and Anderson

Yuri Dzivielevski Wins on Sixth Street

Stud Alex Foxen had the bring-in and Yuri Dzivielevski completed. Calvin Anderson called, as did Foxen. On fourth street, action checked to Anderson and he bet. Foxen called and Dzivielevski check-raised to 12,000. Both Anderson and Foxen called, and on sixth street when Dzivielevski made open queens and bet, they both folded. Foxen:

Calvin Anderson Eliminated by Nathan Gamble

Hold'em Calvin Anderson found himself all in from the small blind for his last 18,000 against Nathan Gamble in the big blind. Anderson: [As2h] Gamble: [Ah9s] The board ran out [Ad4dJc6h8s] and Anderson was eliminated.

Emmett Knocks Out Anderson

Randall Emmett raised to 10,000 and Calvin Anderson moved all in for 48,000, which was quickly called by the Hollywood producer who won back-to-back ARIA High Rollers last month. Emmett: [AsTc] Anderson: [QxQx] The board ran out [4sAd6d5hTs] and Emmett raked in the pot to send Anderson to the rail.

Remko on the Rail – No. 2 for Calvin Anderson

"Calvin Anderson, one dollar," the auctioneer belted during Daniel Negreanu's annual $25,000 Fantasy Draft. The tiny conference room at the ARIA remained quiet as teammates across the room looked at each other, some smirked while others shrugged and shook their head. "Going once." "Going twice." "Sold, to Team GO Barstool GO." A round of fist-bumps