Byron Kaverman Runs into Robin Hegel’s Top Set

Byron Kaverman raised to 50,000 in middle position before Robin Hegele three-bet to 165,000 in the big blind. Kaverman called, and the [8c4cKhAh5d] board checked through to the river where Hegele tabled his [KdKs] for top set and Kaverman mucked.

Andras Nemeth vs. Byron Kaverman

On a board of [7c6h8hJh] with 24,000 in the middle, Byron Kaverman bet out 7,000 from the big blind and Andras Nemeth called in the cutoff. The river landed the [Ts] and Kaverman bet 9,000. Nemeth used a time extension, and then raised to 40,000. Kaverman mucked.

Byron Kaverman Eliminated by Junichi Nakano

Junichi Nakano raised to 25,000 in the hijack and Byron Kaverman moved all in from the big blind for 75,000. Nakano called. Nakano: [AdQs] Kaverman: [7s7d] The board ran out [9d8c8sAc3h] and Kaverman was eliminated.

Byron Kaverman Out-Kicks Ralph Wong

Byron Kaverman raised to 3,500 from under the gun and Ralph Wong defended his big blind to see the [4sKc3h] flop. Wong checked and Kaverman bet 2,500. Wong called, and then checked the [5h] on the turn. Kaverman continued with a bet of 8,000 and Wong called before both players checked the

Stephen Chidwick Calls Byron Kaverman with Ace-High on the River

Stephen Chidwick raised to 6,500 from early position and Byron Kaverman defended his big blind to see a [3s5s6d] flop. Both players checked through to reveal the [6c] on the turn, and Kaverman led out for 7,000. Chidwick called, and when the river fell the [2s], Kaverman bet 20,000. Chidwick used one

Kristen Bicknell vs. Byron Kaverman

Byron Kaverman raised to 4,000 in the cutoff and Kristen Bicknell called from the big blind. The flop landed [Kh2s8h] and Bicknell checked to Kaverman who bet 1,500. Bicknell called, and the turn of the [9d] was checked through by both players. The river landed the [Tc], and Bicknell bet 1,500 and

Ali Imsirovic Turns Flush, Doubles on the River

Ali Imsirovic bet the rest of his chips --- 78,000 --- when [4d] showed on the river against Byron Kaverman. Kaverman made the call and Imsirovic turned over [As5s] for the best hand on the board that read [8s3s7d7s4d]. Imsirovic got his double up and boosted his chip stack to over 220,000.

Byron Kaverman Doubles Through Kristin Bicknell

With a board reading [AcKhKc] and action on Kristin Bicknell she bet 3,000 Alan Schein called from the small blind and the action was on Byron Kaverman. Kaverman check-raised to 12,000 and Bicknell made the call, while Schein folded. The turn brought the [Ts] and Kaverman bet 10,000. Bicknell quickly made the